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Dried Mealworms 88 lb.

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  • All-natural feed supplement for poultry & wild birds like chickens, bluebirds, ducks, turkeys, etc.
  • No antibiotics, hormones, chemicals or antioxidants
  • Provides enrichment and encourages natural foraging behavior
  • Natural source of protein to provide energy to support birds in cold climates
  • Packaged in (8) individual 11 lb. Ziploc re-sealable bags
  • Ships direct from our USDA registered & inspected facility

INGREDIENTS: 100% farm-raised, roast-dried mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor).

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein 50.0% (min), crude fat 25.0% (min), crude fiber 7.0% (min), crude fiber 9.0% (max), moisture 6.0% (max).

FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: Scatter on the ground for foraging or place in a feeder. This product is a treat and should be fed sparingly, it is not a substitute for a regular, balanced diet. 

Exotic Nutrition sources dried insects from manufacturers abroad and is a leading distributor of dried insects within the USA. The insects are all-natural and do not contain additives. All insects products are inspected by the FDA, USDA, and US Fish & Wildlife when being imported to assure their quality and safety. We are FDA approved, and provide a nutritious diet you can trust. Non GMO - no added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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by Anonymous on March 6, 2022

Meal worms are expensive but Exotic Nutrition has the best price I've found. The worms are clean and not smashed up. The plastic bag is heavy duty and doesn't tear easily. They have a zipper closure and the bag is sealed. The seal has to be cut open after you open the zipper.Close the zipper when done. The graphics on the bag are colorful and beautiful. When the bag is empty I cut the top to widen the opening and use them for trash bags in the house. Repurposed and reused. They're shipped in good quality boxes that are still in great shape after shipping. All birds like them. Robins, Bluebirds, Carolina Wrens, House Wrens, Chickadees. Even those nuisance birds that winter over, Grackles, European Starlings. The company is close by in Virginia and shipping is prompt. -Robert R. C.

by rhonda on October 18, 2021

So great to get these! My chickens live for mornings when I give them these treats! Great service - delivered in only a few days. Great communication. They let you know when it has shipped so you know when they should arrive. I LOVE this company! - Rhonda T.

by Anonymous on September 21, 2021

The price is high but the worms are perfect for the birds. Wish they would use reinforced boxes at least on the corners as the last order was delivered beat up and leaking due to poor carrier handling. - Daniel W.

by Anonymous on August 2, 2021

I buy the 88 lb deal of mealworms for my feathered friends. They love them and the price is nice for this lady too. Shipping is fast and I've never had a problem with this company. -Margaret M.

by bullim01 on April 11, 2021

Love the product but why did the cost increase so much? One year ago 88 lbs cost me $292.49. -Mary B.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. The pricing for dried insects fluctuates throughout the year depending on the season, supply and demand. That being said, we are proud to offer the lowest price available for bulk dried insect anywhere on the market!]

by deagle1969 on February 26, 2021

Our Ducks love these mealworms!!!!! Been purchasing in bulk from Exotic Nutrition for a long time at a great price and fast free shipping. - Chad & Cindy

by gbatchel on December 30, 2020

The mealworms are great. I have a "flock" of bluebirds about 25 to 30 best I can count. They eat them all day long. It does get costly when the grackles come but seeing all the bluebirds is worth it. -Gary B.

by Anonymous on October 21, 2020

If I could get over the fact that these are worms I would probably eat them. LOL. Smell and look fresh. Big worms My chickens favorite. Would like a sturdier bag. Just poured them into another stronger feed bag. Bought 88 pounds at a great price. Will buy again. I have 13 birds. I mix with feed and have a couple of toys which I fill up each day to. Pecking the toy for mealworms keeps them from eating eggs. Meal worms are a good training treat too. Just put them inside coop and tell the girls to get in. Sneaky. Thanks for the great product. Keep tabs and don't run out. My girls are not nice girls when I run out of mealworms. -Bobette T.

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