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Dried Mealworms 40 lb.

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  • All-natural feed supplement for poultry & wild birds like chickens, bluebirds, ducks, turkeys, etc.
  • Provides enrichment and encourages natural foraging behavior
  • Natural source of protein to provide energy to support birds in cold climates
  • Shipped direct from USDA registered & inspected facility

SIZE: 40 pounds (packaged in four 10 lb. bags)

INGREDIENTS: 100% farm-raised, roast-dried mealworms (Tenebrio Molitor).

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein 50.0% (min), crude fat 25.0% (min), crude fiber 7.0% (min), crude fiber 9.0% (max), moisture 6.0% (max).

FEEDING RECOMMENDATION: Scatter on the ground for foraging or place in a feeder. This product is a treat and should be fed sparingly, it is not a substitute for a regular, balanced diet. 

Exotic Nutrition sources dried insects from manufacturers abroad and is a leading distributor of dried insects within the USA. The insects are all-natural and do not contain additives. All insects products are inspected by the FDA, USDA, and US Fish & Wildlife when being imported to assure their quality and safety. We are FDA approved, and provide a nutritious diet you can trust. Non GMO - no added colors, flavors, or preservatives.

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Customer Reviews

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by Bert M. Harrison on February 20, 2023

The usual. great product, but was disappointed, not surprised, with the downgrade in size (11to 10 lbs.) and increase in price compared to previous purchases. The delivery was very fast. -Bert H

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear that your product is not as expected. The alternate size is currently out of stock, but should be back in stock soon. Please reach out to our friendly customer service team using the link at the bottom of the website for assistance.]

by Anonymous on January 13, 2023

Easy ordering. The product shipped quickly and tracking was easy. -William B.

by Anonymous on December 16, 2022

Always in stock and gets to me fast. No problems what so ever. My chicken love the mealworms! - Donna B.

by Anonymous on December 9, 2022

Great treat for my girls especially in the winter months. We have a special call and they come running and flying to get there..we always get 44 lbs they come in 11lb bags. In the summer my husband will put some in with the bird seed as a treat..

by Anonymous on October 21, 2022

Mealworms...Tons. Birds...Tons...Happy... Great economic choice.

by Anonymous on September 18, 2022

I now always use Exotic Nutrition for my source for Dried Worms. Great price and rapid delivery. Have not found a better or more competitive site yet. Highly recommend!

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