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Deluxe Food Starter Package

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New sugar glider owner or just looking to change your pet's diet? Here is a complete food starter package- everything that you need to begin feeding your glider a healthy, complete diet. See individual product listings for full feeding instructions, ingredient list, storage directions, and analysis. Contains: Glider Complete 2 lb., Instant-HPW 8 oz., and Mixed Fruit Gummivore-Fare.

  • Glider Complete is a nutritionally fortified pellet, mixed with 8 varieties of real fruit chunks!
  • Instant-HPW is a vitamin-enriched, powdered sugar glider diet that mixes with water to form a soft, pudding-textured food. 
  • Gummivore-Fare is an easy to feed, acacia gum supplemental food source, pure acacia gum (in jell form)
  • 100% all-natural, no preservatives

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Offer approximately 2 tbsp of Glider Complete and ½ tbsp of HPW to your pet daily. Adjust the amount to ensure your pet's optimum body weight (free choice for pregnant or lactating females). Gumivore-fare can be fed as a supplement in place of the HPW 2-3 times per week. Additional vitamins are not necessary if your glider's diet is made up of at least 75% Glider Complete. We recommend putting out moist foods at night when your sugar gliders wake up, so that it does not sit out for long and dry up. Do not leave moist food out for more than 12 hours, change out pellet food every 24 hours. Always provide fresh drinking water to your sugar glider. Vary the diet by offering FruitsVegetablesInsectsGlideradeInsect-Eater Diet, and more. Click HERE to view our Recommendations for a Sugar Glider's Diet. Click HERE to view a Veterinarian's Recommendations For a Sugar Glider's Diet.

PELLET STORAGE: Store bag in a cool, dry place (under 72 degrees). Refrigeration is highly recommended to retain full nutritional value. We recommend storing the bag of food in the refrigerator, taking out enough food for a week and keeping it in a sealed airtight container, and then refilling container with the refrigerated food. If storing bag for longer than 8 weeks, refrigerate (up to 6 months). If storing for longer than 6 months, freeze (up to 12 months). Do not frequently expose food to a freeze/thaw cycle. 
JAR STORAGE: Once opened, store jar foods in your refrigerator. They will store refrigerated for 7-10 days. Freeze jar if it will not be finished in 7-10 days. We recommend scooping ½ tbsp servings of HPW into an ice tray or onto wax paper before freezing, for easy serving. Jar will last for up to 6 months in a freezer after opening. Unopened jars can be stored frozen up to 1 year.

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Customer Reviews

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by on August 14, 2019

I did not realize what all I was purchasing until I opened the box. I followed all of the directions and prepared the food. The first thing the fur babies fell in love with was the HPW. It took them a little bit to discover their love for the gummy treat [Gummivore-fare]. At first, they shoved all of the dry pellets [Glider Complete] into it. They obviously do all of the neat things when I am sleeping. This morning I discovered that they devoured the gummy treat [Gummivore-fare]. Out of my four gliders, one of them has a sensitive tummy. He is thriving so much better with this starter pack than he was beforehand. I am super happy with this option! I am happy because they are happy and they obviously run the house at the moment. They are training us well. -Alicia Lux

by on June 15, 2019

Starter Pack is a great option on a budget. I have two gliders and it lasts them almost two months or more. Plus I supplement with my own homemade HPW when available. My gliders definitely prefer their instant HPW watery and thin like pancake batter or they won't eat it. Trial & error works to find your pets texture preferences. Acacia gum is great to spread on toys and cage as a treat. Glider approved! -Lydia M.

by on February 10, 2019

My sugar glider loves it! -Natalia P.

by on November 5, 2018

My three sugar gliders love it. -Jensen H.

by on October 30, 2018

JoJo enjoys it! -Brenda W.

by on May 23, 2018

Thanks for this- it has everything a sugar glider need in these diets. Thank you, thank you, thank you! -Nayeli

by on April 30, 2018

Perfect for any new glider owner! -Tiffany

by on February 23, 2018

The Glider Complete is fine, the gliders love the pellets. The Gumivore-fare they enjoy too. But the Instant-HPW they turn their nose up at, even if it’s the only thing in the cage they won’t touch it. I’m going back to making my own hpw. -Jody Jones

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