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Clean Water Silo Assorted

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This Clean Water Silo Waterer is specially designed for your pet's well-being. It's no-spill valve means no more water spills when removing waterer for filling. Plus, this waterer is designed to fit all cages with vertical and horizontal bars. Ships in assorted of colors.
  • Refill without a spill!
  • Fits all bird cages - vertical & horizontal bars
  • Sized right for parakeets, canaries, cockatiels & finches
  • Size: 7 inches long
Dehydration caused from clogged or defective water bottle is one of the leading causes of sugar glider deaths. Water silos prevent that issue, making free flowing water available without the use of a straw of ball-bearing drinking tube. Always provide fresh, clean drinking water in the cage. We recommend providing two or more water sources in the cage at all times. Bottled water is preferred for sugar gliders. 
Directions: Remove water chamber (reservoir) and unscrew the nut from the mounting plate. Position the mounting plate and holder on the outside of the cage with the trough protruding through the bars. Push the screw from inside the cage through the bars and through the hole in the mounting plate. From the outside of the cage, screw the nut onto the screw post. Do not over tighten. Fill the water chamber. It is not necessary to remove the cap with no-spill valve. Turn the water chamber over. The no-spill valve will close and prevent water from flowing out. Set the water chamber into the holder. The no-spill valve will open and fill the trough with water. Important: To remove holder without having to unscrew the nut: For Horizontal Bars- Remove water chamber first, then squeeze holder and pull straight out. For Vertical Bars- Lift holder and pull out
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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on August 30, 2021

Sugar gliders love them. -Marlene D.

by 1mamabyrd on July 29, 2021

My suggies love these as much as I do! Lots easier to clean than others I've gotten. -Vanessa B.

by Paul on July 22, 2021

I have 3 of of these in my suggies haven and they love it. Easy to clean and refill. -Paul W.

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