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Clamp Lamp

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Fluker's Deluxe Clamp Lamp is a portable swivel-head clamp for incandescent bulbs or ceramic heat emitters that attaches to the exterior of your pet's cage or terrarium. It includes a polished aluminum anodized reflector for maximum light, UV, and heat output, a 6" ceramic cord with a convenient on/off switch, and a polarized plug to reduce the risk of electric shock. Clamp Lamp is 5.5".

Notice: This is only lamp, no bulbs. For lamp + bulb sets, see our Moonlight Lighting System, Nocturnal Infrared Lighting System, or the Cage Heater Set. To purchase bulbs alone see our Moonlite Bulb, Infrared Heat Bulb, 60w Ceramic Heat Bulb, or 100w Ceramic Heat Bulb.

DIRECTIONS: Make sure fixture is unplugged and that the switch is in the 'off' position. Securely clamp, hang or mount the lamp at one end of the cage or terrarium, so your pet may retreat to the cooler side, if desired. Never place a fixture inside your terrarium. Insert the appropriate bulb or ceramic heater, no more than 75 watts. Fully insert plug. Turn on fixture. 

NOTE: To extend the life of your bulb, do not move fixture. If you need to move fixture, turn switch off, let bulb cool, then move gently. Always use a quality thermometer to ensure the proper temperature of your terrarium or cage. Inspect cord set(s) periodically.

CAUTION: Do not use bulbs over 75 watts. Do not exceed electirical rating. Use indoors only. Do use in wet conditions. Do not splice, repair or modify plug. Do not use damaged cord sets. Do not cover with blankets, rugs or any material. Keep fixture away from children and pets.

WARNING: Disreguarding cautions could cause damamge, fire or fatal shock. When in use, lamp is extremely hot. Do not handle until lamp is completely cooled.

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