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The Chin-Sprint is the first and only exercise wheel on the market of its kind. Durable all-metal construction, mountable, and featuring an open-faced design with extra-wide running track. A single unit of heavy-gauge steel is pressed into shape, no seams or joints to cause injury. Huge 15” diameter prevents curvature of the spin, while axle-free construction eliminates risk of tail entanglement. The rolling ball bearing engineering ensures the wheel spins smooth and quietly. Mounts to all wire cages, finished with a pet-safe powder coat. This heavy-duty wheel is indestructible, pet owners will never buy another wheel again. Ideal for Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Rats, Degus, Squirrels, and other small mammals.

  • Ball bearing engineering ensures a smooth, quiet spin
  • Durable all-metal construction mounts to all wire cages
  • Single unit of heavy-gauge steel is pressed into shape, no seams or joints to cause injury
  • 15” diameter prevents curvature of the spin, while axle-free construction eliminates risk of tail entanglement
  • Finished with a pet-safe powder coat

Approximate Size: 15" diameter x 8" wide (6" wide track)

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  • MPNFS0115A

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Customer Reviews

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by ArielGerlach on April 2, 2020

My chinchilla LOVES this thing! We had a Kaytee wheel for him before but I researched it and it said that they are not supposed to run on those because it gives them back issues in the future. For the price this is definitely worth it for chinchillas!!! He has not stopped running on it yet. And very durable and easy to put up! Very much recommend it!!! -Ariel G.

by Mhalbach on March 25, 2020

I purchased one a month or so ago and loved it. I then decided to purchase a second one for our other chin, but it is nothing like the first one we purchased. It was much lighter, which at first glance we figured to be better because the first one was quite heavy, however it makes it much louder. The design changed from smooth to ridged, which again we hoped was a positive design change, but yet again the change was not for the better. Furthermore, it is extremely loud and obnoxious even after the chin is finished running because it just keeps going, unlike the heavier one that tends to slow quicker and is quiet as a whisper. It is also quite wobbly even after several checking to see if tightening was warranted (it wasn't). Overall I am very unhappy with this product. -Melissa H

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review, Melissa. Please reach out to our support team by email: for assistance, we appreciate your cooperation!]

by Anonymous on March 23, 2020

Great for chinchillas and even degus even tho it's 3 inches over the wheel size requirement for degus. Big enough that 3-4 can run on it at the same time without fights (at least with my girls lol) but solid and sturdy enough to last a decade or more -Jack R.

by Bnollet on March 8, 2020

My chinchillas love the Chin Sprint! It gives them exercise and keeps them from getting bored at night. -Beverly N.

by K.e. on March 4, 2020

I purchased the Chin Sprint for my eastern gray squirrel and he is scared of it and will not use it. It is a very heavy item and I would have to pay a lot of money for shipping if I returned it. If you are unsure that your pet will even use a wheel, I would not purchase from this website, you're pretty much stuck with it if your pet doesn't like it. -Kristi H.

[Response from Seller: Kristi, we’re sorry to hear your squirrel hasn't been interested in the wheel! If the squirrel has never encountered an exercise wheel before, it's not unusual to be wary of it. You may have to "teach" him how to use it by encouraging him with treats, but he will get the hang of it. Otherwise, products can be returned within 30 days.]

by Christar01 on February 13, 2020

It's super easy to set up and extremely sturdy. And SILENT (which is probably most important). -Christa R.

by Dakier23 on January 20, 2020

This Chin-Sprint is an excellent choice when you are looking for a wheel for chinchillas on Exotic Nutrition website. The wheel spins very quiet it doesn’t cause a lot of noise. -Dakota B.

by Anonymous on January 4, 2020

Like other customers have stated it is out of round and pops every time it makes a revolution. My daughter bought it for our squirrel which does use it some but you need to improve this wheel or go ahead and advertise that it pops with every turn! I'm sure everyone buys it for the size and quiet bearings but it disappoints for the price. -Wayne R.

[Response from Seller: Thank you for your review Wayne, we're sorry to hear the wheel isn't working as designed. Please reach out to our customer support team by email at for assistance with this issue. We hope to have the opportunity to fix this for you.]

by Dusty Ramsey on September 17, 2019

I'm owner and operator of Northeast Louisiana NELA Chinchilla Rescue. I've used several different types of chinchilla exercises wheels and none of them held up like the Chin Sprint has over time. I have 6 of these sturdy 15" wheels. They are constructed of steel and very heavy so if you have a cheap Guinea pig cage with 1"bar spacing don't blame the exercise wheel for wobbling or making noise. You need a sturdy cage for this product to run smoothly. If it wobbles make sure all wingnuts are tight. I even put a steel plate to stiffen up the cage so the bearing runs smoother. If you ever have to replace the bearings it's very easy and affordable. My chinchillas run hours and LOVE this product. I recommend the Chin Sprint to anyone who adopts from our rescue. If you'd like to see the product in action I have plenty of videos on my NELA rescue page. - Dusty R.

by Anonymous on September 10, 2019

I can't comment on the long term durability of this, but my prairie dogs love it. It's very quiet and solidly built. It's far better than a flying saucer wheel. -Stuart P.

by Anonymous on June 26, 2019

Just bought and received the $98 chin - sprint last week...appeared to be working well for couple nights...started making a loud sound two nights ago..appears to spin freely but still making's midnight and we are taking it out of his cage to figure out what's the matter with it. -Julia L.

[Response from Seller: We're sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with your product! Please reach out to our team directly at for assistance, thank you.]

by Rrrmother on June 4, 2019

Absolutely perfect!! My chinchilla loves it and it’s super quiet!! -Michelle K.

by Lilu on May 29, 2019

I so loved this wheel and how quiet it was when I first purchased it a few months ago. But now it looks like it's fighting to get over a hump with every spin and it makes an awful clanking sound, coming from the bearing, that I can hear clear across the hall into my bedroom. My husband took it apart to clean it out, but it didn't help. It should last longer for that amount of money. I'm glad my chins don't mind the noise. -Jacqueline S.

by Anonymous on May 25, 2019

Our chinchilla loved the wheel. Unfortunately the screw came loose and the wheel fell off. Luckily she was in side it and it didn’t land on her. We can’t find the screw so we can’t use it now. Be sure to check the screw holding it on periodically to make sure it stays tight. -Annamarie W.

[Response from Seller: We're so sorry to hear about the issue with your Chin-Sprint wheel. Please contact us directly for replacements parts, thank you.]

by Anonymous on April 26, 2019

The bearings click and the wheel is off centered so it wobbles while in use. Poor quality control. -Christopher

[Response from Seller: We’re so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Chin-Sprint! Due to the wheel’s unique design, there should be little to no sound when the wheel is spinning. We could not locate your order based on the name provided. Please contact us directly for further assistance or to report a defect, thank you.]

by maleficent1229 on March 25, 2019

This wheel is big, fast, and beautiful. However IT IS SO LOUD! This is NOT A SILENT WHEEL. I even exchanged it out with the great customer service team (very nice) thinking it was a defect but the new wheel is just as crazy loud when our chin reaches top speed. I've tried adding an extra washer etc to keep it from making the noise but then the screw comes loose and the wheel comes off the bracket (don't do it!!!). It's a good wheel if you don't need something silent, or just don't care about noise. We are learning to deal with it but our little guy loves running on it so there isn't much we can do. -Cathy Y.

[Response from Seller: We’re so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Chin-Sprint! Due to the wheel’s unique design, there should be little to no sound when the wheel is spinning. Please contact us directly for further assistance, thank you.]

by brushfox on March 18, 2019

The wheel arrived bent which creates a lot of noise when my chinchillas use it, so much so I can hear it from my upstairs bedroom at night. My chinchillas love it, which actually becomes a problem for my husband and I since three chinchillas keep it wobbling and rattling on a regular basis. -Billie M.

[Response from Seller: We’re so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Chin-Sprint! Due to the wheel’s unique design, there should be little to no sound when the wheel is spinning. Please contact us directly to report damage and arrangement a replacement wheel, thank you. -ENC]

by Ppathaphone on March 12, 2019

Such an awesome wheel!!! Super quiet and my chins absolutely LOVE it! -Patricia P.

by Ppathaphone on March 6, 2019

Got my chin spin today and my girls LOVE it!!! It's so quiet and such a good quality!! I definitely recommend this wheel! -Patricia P.

by Anonymous on February 25, 2019

My chinchilla will give it a 5 star rating. I was hoping for a quite wheel for that price. The wheel is bent so when my chinchilla runs the wheel makes a horrible noise that will keep you up when you are trying to sleep. We can't bent the wheel since it is made of heavy material. If you could buy this in person to see if it was perfectly round I would try it again. -Beth S.

[Response from Seller: We’re so sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your Chin-Sprint! Due to the wheel’s unique design, there should be little to no sound when the wheel is spinning. Please contact us directly for further assistance, thank you.]

by Rubberduck on February 7, 2019

Love it. My chinchilla goes nuts on this thing great item and hella quiet that's what I wanted! -Arthur G.

by sasanont on January 27, 2019

I had a problem with my roommate, due to my ex chin spin mad a noise, this Chin-Sprint is perfect ! Now my roommate is very happy! -Krai S.

by Anonymous on December 3, 2018

My chinchillas love it it’s a great form of exercise and it’s not too loud. It’s worth the money. -Lori Q.

by raebrams on November 30, 2018

The wheel is big and heavy, but understandably. I rescued a 13 year old chinchilla who'd never seen a wheel before. At first she never used it but I left it in her cage anyway and after a month or two I started hearing her run on it late at night/really early in the morning. She doesn't 'sprint' on it but she has short walks, she seems to like it just took some warming up! -Rachel B.

by Anonymous on November 6, 2018

Great product at a good price, so I bought two and my chinchillas love them! Previously I purchased the smaller, weaker wheels from pet stores and went through three before I decided that chinchillas live long enough to buy a strong wheel with a good base that lasts with a perfect design. Chin Sprint gets an A+ -Laura L.

by Anonymous on October 27, 2018

VooDoo loves her Chin-Sprint. Due to its width/size you’ll need a large cage to accommodate this wheel, it’s built very sturdy. Chin-Sprint is smooth & quiet during use, however, because of its weight/size it does cause the cage wall to rattle. I just need to figure out how to reinforce the cage’s side wall to keep it from rattling while she runs like a cheetah.

by Anonymous on October 22, 2018

I'm owner and operator of Northeast Louisiana Chinchilla Rescue and from my experience of trying different exercises wheels from other companies that charge more for similar wheels. This is the best and safest product out there. Don't be fooled by the expensive "chin spin" that has wood and sucks up urine keepi bacteria in it and the holes for the baring is never centered causing uneven wobble. CHIN SPRINT BY EXOTIC NUTRITION IS BUILT TO LAST AND SHIPPED FAST! HOPING TO GET MORE FOR OUR I6 RESCUE CHINCHILLAS HERE IN LOUISIANA. -Dusty Ramsey/NELA Chinchilla Rescue

by Anonymous on October 17, 2018

Finally, competition for another vertical chin wheel. So far, this wheel has performed wonderfully. It is quiet and my chins can really get it going. This wheel is all metal and sturdy and well made. I wish they had provided more washers though, so there can be one on each side of the cage wire. It works without 2 on each bolt, just think it would be better to use 2. Works for all of my chins except for my big, wide show quality chins. They like the Exotic Nutrition treadmill wheel better. -Diane K. /Furball Critters

by Anonymous on October 12, 2018

Nice and very big, my chinchilla can get some top speeds on it. And its very quiet. Only draw back its heavy, but it's because it's metal. -Rebecca A. S.

by Maud’dib on October 7, 2018

This is an extremely high quality and durable wheel. I like that it’s made of a single piece of heavy gage steel (no wood back plate to soak up urine like competing products). It also has a very smooth and quiet bearing spinning action. I haven’t let my chinchillas use it yet as they are still a bit too young for a wheel. I wish they made smaller versions (9” with a base), so I could get one for my plastic chewing gerbils. -Ryan B.

by Vanessa on October 6, 2018

Our beige chinchilla loves it and it is super quiet! It was also easy to install. -Vanessa M.

by Anonymous on September 19, 2018

Delivery of the Chin-Sprint came as expected; and in perfect condition. We have a 6-level cage for our chinchilla. After installing it (and using a metal grid to stabilize it even more on the side of the cage), the Chin-Sprint does make the whole cage shake, so my chinchilla doesn't run very long on it. If she's running slower, it doesn't rattle, but it's a different story when she runs fast-which she prefers. Otherwise, this is a great wheel for chins. Too bad there aren't less heavy all-metal versions of the Chin-Sprint. -Grace S.

by Anonymous on September 14, 2018

Chinchillas love it, but it's crazy wobbly, especially when they get going fast. -Jennifer H.

by Anonymous on August 30, 2018

Not enough words to express on how POSITIVE I feel about the quality and workmanship of this very fine quality 15in. wheel. I have been running (Chinchilla Rescue ) out of Texas for the past almost 11 years. I have exclusively purchased wheels from another company and honestly, as far as quality, they had no competition (Smiles, my "Chin Kids" deserve the best, and I will NEVER adopt out without a proper Cage and Wheel.) - The other company had a Total monopoly on the market. Not any more.... I Welcome you, many purchases from my rescue in the future (Sold one the day I received, No joke. It is very easy to sell a cost effective quality item, when it is obvious as to quality and workmanship - The Item sells itself. - Tamara M., Chinchildren Chinchilla Rescue

by Anonymous on August 8, 2018

My prairie dogs love it! Great construction. Fast shipping. Thank you! -Andrea N.

by Anonymous on July 27, 2018

My chinchilla absolutely loves his wheel. Thanks for making such a great product. The wheel itself is perfectly silent. Stitch figured it out right away. -Stephanie G.

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