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Chew Assortment

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The Chew Assortment includes three great chew toys for your pet - Pumice Chew Block, Hay Barbell, and Apple Sticks. These chew toys will help prevent boredom and help keep your pet's teeth trimmed and clean. Simple offer a few chew toys daily to satisfy your pet's instinct to chew. Suggested for chinchillas, guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits, degus, prairie dogs and other small animals.

  • Helps maintain clean teeth
  • Completely safe to chew
  • Helps to satisfy your pet's instinct to chew and gnaw

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by Myersfam on January 28, 2023

Our 3 squirrels absolutely LOVE this chew pack bundle. The barbells are their favorite, and are gone within no time! -Pam M.

by Stephanie Holder on November 14, 2021

My 14 month old squirrel loves the antlers and they help keep her teeth trimmed. I am thankful that Exotic Nutrition provides these safe, clean products at a fair price. The dumbbell treats were a hit too. I break them in half and she really enjoys them. The apple sticks are a staple. Everything I have ordered is always great. Thank You! - Stephanie H.

by Anonymous on January 1, 2021

Rascal doesn’t go much for protein chew blocks but he really dug into these. Sure reorder soon. -Deacon J.

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