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Ceramic Heat Emitters

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Exotic Nutrition's Ceramic Heat Emitter is a radiant heat source that emits natural infrared heat and does not produce any form of light, so you don’t have to worry about affecting your pet’s sleep cycle. You can use this heat emitter day and night. The main body of the ceramic heat lamp is made of porcelain, which can ensure anti-cracking and work in high humidity areas. It is an ideal 24-hour heat source for small mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, can last for 10,000-15,000 hours or even longer (it is recommended to use two heat emitters alternately to extend their lifespan). The ceramic heating lamp uses Ni-Cr-Alloy resistance wire inside, heating speed is faster and more stable than ordinary ones. The thermal efficiency is up to 99.99%, which is more energy-saving. The design of the spiral surface also increases the heat dissipation area and makes the heat distribution more evenly.

Power: This ceramic heat emitters input voltage is AC 90-120V, power is either 75 watts or 100 watts depending on the model you choose; very suitable for small mammals, chicken coops, chickens, lizards, turtles, birds, snakes, chameleons, bearded dragons.

Important Safety InstructionsThis Heat Emitters' surface temperature is very high when working, please do not use your hand to test the temperature. Do not touch the heat Emitter immediately after turning off, please wait at least 1 hour to cool down. Also please adjust the distance between the heat Emiter and your pets.

Directions for Use: Make sure fixture is unplugged and that the inline switch is off. Secure clamp, mount the lamp at one end of the cage; your pet may retreat to the cooler side if desired. Never place fixture inside your cage or terrarium. Insert ceramic heater that does not exceed 100 watts. You may now safely turn on your fixture.


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