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Ceramic Heat Emitter 60w Bulb

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This Cage Heat Emitter is the ideal product for heating your pets cage. Includes a Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter (60 watt / 120 V) for use in high humidity terrariums or large size wire cages. *Requires a 60+W Clamp Lamp with ceramic base*

  • Perfect 24 hour "non-light emitting" heat source for all animals.
  • *Requires a 60+W Clamp Lamp with ceramic base*
  • Use in high humidity terrariums or large size wire cages

Directions for Use: Screw the Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitter into a porcelain clamp lamp. Clamp securely above terrarium screen cover or outside wire cage and plug in. Keep out of reach of children. For indoor use only. 

  • UPC097612310603

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by Anonymous on June 14, 2019

Works as it should using 60 watt ceramic heater for my mealworms keeping them steady at 80 degrees. -John K.

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