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Ceramic Feed Dish

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Durable ceramic food and water bowl that is great for small animals. Stoneware Dishes feature a hi-glaze finish that is dishwasher safe, lead free and super sanitary.

  • Tan beige exterior with aqua blue interior.
  • Dishwasher safe, lead free and sanitary

Measurements: Interior, 1.25" deep x 3" diameter / Exterior, 1.5" tall x 3.25" wide

  • UPC045125421217

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Customer Reviews

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by Karina12 on October 8, 2021

These bowls make it super easy for my hedgehog to eat and drink from! - Karina B.

by Anonymous on September 8, 2021

These are great my gliders love to perch on the edge. - Marlene D.

by Kandiheller on August 18, 2021

Perfect water bowl for baby animals. I got very sick of cleaning up spilled water in my bay skunks' cage mixed in with their messy food. This bowl helped so much and lasted until their release. Of course, they would play in it and it needed freshening up often but it never once spilled. Great purchase! -Kandice H.

by Anonymous on May 1, 2021

Do not work for me. Do not fit in my Bird Cage. Waste of my money. Not happy with my purchase. Somehow, I thought I was ordering white dishes... not these. -Joan B. [Response from Seller: I'm sorry to hear that these didn't workout for you Joan. Please contact customer support so we can help assist you with a return or exchange.]

by mnunez1239 on February 9, 2021

We used the bowls to feed our ferrets. They didn't appear to like them because they were too small and it bothered their whiskes. -Milagros N.

by Anonymous on April 16, 2020

A good choice, I got these for my rabbits and they liked them too. I had a problem with them dragging them off, but all it means is that I have to hunt around for them a little, so I’m not sorry I picked this product. -Neely O.

by Anonymous on July 20, 2017

These are the perfect size for my suggies' food and they're heavy enough not to tip over.

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