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Carry Bonding Pouch with Window / HEART

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Exotic Nutrition's Carry Bonding Pouch provides a convenient and safe way to bond with pets while out of the cage. Made of soft polar fleece material, it is a comfortable carry pouch that can help reduce stress levels and enhance the bonding experience, all while optimizing your pet's health. 
The peek-a-boo window provides ventilation while allowing you to see in and your pet to see out. This window is made with scratch-proof, vinyl-coated polyester for long lasting wear and tear.  Suitable to fit up to two gliders at a time.
  • Polar fleece provides maximum comfort and breathability
  • Deep corners help promote relaxation and reduce stress
  • Heavy duty zipper closure for security
  • 100% machine washable.
Measurements: approximately 8" x 7.5"
Highly social animals enjoy spending time with their family and human counterparts. Many animals like sugar glider, squirrels and marmosets live in colonies in the wild and enjoy living in groups in captivity. These animals imprint on their owners by adjusting to their voice, smell, and overall presence.

Always supervise pets during use. Thoroughly inspect accessories on a daily basis for loose threads or other hazards. Wipe product clean with a soft, damp cloth or machine-wash as needed. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle then air dry.


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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by on October 2, 2019

Love it. It was so cute and Gizmo went into it today for the first time. -Anta R.

by on July 13, 2019

I just received mine today, I'm deeply disappointed in the quality of this. Especially as it's advertised for Sugar Gliders. Mine on the inside does not have hidden seems, there are loose threads hanging at the ends. Where the zipper is sewn in, at both ends they are left raw and scratchy, and could easily hurt they babies they say they are designed for. I will be looking to return this item lickity split. -Sheila F.

[Response from Seller: This product is made with single-lined fleece, which does have exposed seams. If you are interested in double-lined fleece with hidden seams, we recommend a product from our "Hangouts" accessory line.]

by on July 7, 2019

“Suitable to fit up to two gliders at a time.“ very inaccurate, I have two adult sugar gliders. Although they fit, they don’t fit comfortably. One by itself was extremely uncomfortable and too tight to move around. I wouldn’t recommend this as a bonding pouch unless you have a new Joey you’re wanting to bond with. -Meegan C.

by on May 25, 2019

this pouch is made very well. It is a little small, I wouldn't want to put 2 in there. It has metall detachable strap. It is nice because when you check in on your little one and take a peek you can see in there because it is red inside. -Peggy W.

by on January 25, 2019

I really like this pouch -Hannah V.

by on December 27, 2018

Nice little bonding pouch for my glider, solid stitching and well-positioned zipper. -Stephanie G.

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