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Canned Caterpillars

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Exotic Nutrition's canned insects are a convenient way to incorporate quality protein into your pet's diet. The insects have been 'cooked in the can' to maintain their nutritional value, flavor, and aroma. Cooking process also softens exoskeleton of the insect for easier digestion. Offer multiple types of canned insects for diversity in the diet. Ideal supplemental food source for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Skunks, Squirrels, Wild Birds, Opossums, Turtles, Tropical fish, Reptiles, and Amphibians.

  • Caterpillars 'cooked in the can' to maintain nutritional value, flavor, & aroma
  • Similar nutritional values to live insects but are easier to digest & store
  • Can size 1.2 oz.(35 g), 75+ soft bodied caterpillars per can!
  • Re-closable lid supplied along with feeding spoon
  • Exotic Nutrition also supplies cans of waxworms, mealworms, crickets, silkworms, snails, & grasshoppers

Cooking process softens exoskeleton of the insect and breaks the bonds between the collagen protein to make it absorbable by your pets. Collagen is an important fiber that aids in building bone, cartilage, skin and nail structures. No live insects need to be fed in addition to these canned insects.

STORAGE: Refrigerate after opening, will store 7-10 days refrigerated.

INGREDIENTS: Caterpillars (Erinota Thrax)

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Customer Reviews

Average Rating

by wilowblue on October 9, 2022

I was worried about my box turtle liking them....she's never had anything like this before.....but she almost attacked them......I'm also very happy with this purchase. -Teresa L.

by Anonymous on October 4, 2022

years, I could not get my skunk to eat any meat. eggs was all the protein she was getting, along with vita-skunk. but these canned caterpillars, grasshoppers, and mealworms are everything. I pop them into her food or give them as a treat in her foraging board and she goes crazy! awesome company with awesome products!

by Raymond J on August 23, 2022

It is my Skunks favorite treat. Very nice product. - R. Barry

by Anonymous on July 11, 2022

Super cool selection happy!!! -Gale C.

by Racie on May 1, 2022

Racie my pet skunk eats them first!! Then the super worms and then the meal worms. The quality is consistent and the delivery is fast. Keep up the good work!! - Raymond B.

by Racie on April 16, 2022

A staple for my fussy skunk. - Raymond B.

by Anonymous on March 28, 2022

Chickens like it as a winter treat when they can't get live caterpillars. - Maria N.

by Anonymous on March 2, 2022

My two skunks are picky eaters, but they will eat these right out of my hand, and reach for more! -Curtis B G.

by Racie on January 3, 2022

She loves them, and my Skunk is a fussy eater!! - Racie B.

by Anonymous on January 3, 2022

My skunk is the pickiest eater, but she lovers those caterpillar large. - Racie B.

by Racie on December 22, 2021

She never leaves one in her dish. She really likes them. - Raymond B.

by Anonymous on November 22, 2021

Gliders eat them but they are not really worth the costs. -Francis

by Kandiheller on August 10, 2021

My baby skunks just love these and they are by far their favorite food. They actually look forward to them and I use them to get them in and out of their outside pen by bribing them with the caterpillars. I make little skunk sundaes with caterpillars on top! -Kandice H.

by Kandiheller on July 24, 2021

These are the absolute favorite food of my baby skunks. They go for these first of all the food I feed them. If I could buy a million cans of these I would. My babies are growing nice and fat and healthy thanks to EXotic Nutrition and their wonderful selection of foods. I am so grateful for the caterpillars most of all. -Kandice H.

by durbeeball on May 3, 2020

My dragon's 2nd favorite insect to snack on, but when he wants them, he eats them like they're going out of style! I am very glad you provide these as an option. Thank you!🧡 -DeAnna M.

by Anonymous on March 26, 2020

Our gliders love just about all bugs. Wished though that your prices were a little more reasonable. -Arthur F.

by Anonymous on January 23, 2020

I have southern flying squirrels and they absolutely LOVE these canned caterpillars! I strongly recommend these to anyone with insect eaters. Hedgehogs, marmosets, Degus.. These are way better then dried insects because they retain the moisture and nutrient content. If you don't like the thought of feeding live insects please do your animals a favor and give these a try. Easy to feed and store in your fridge. -William C

by Anonymous on December 29, 2019

The gliders really do love this product. Only problem is the cost. -Arthur F.

by Anonymous on September 17, 2018

We have four sugar gliders and they all love meaty foods such as insects, worms or pupae. -Art

by Anonymous on July 21, 2018

My gliders would not have anything to do with these. It might just be their preference to the mealworms. -Angela T.

by Anonymous on April 13, 2018

My bird hated these so I put them outside for the wild birds. They hated them as well. -Laura T.

by Anonymous on February 12, 2018

My bird loves these so glad we found them

by Anonymous on August 26, 2017

My hedgie loved these! But make sure you read the directions and refridgerate them after opening or they will grow mold!

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