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Cage Scrub

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The Prevue Cage Saver Scrub uses special non-abrasive weave of poly fibers that works with water-no need for chemicals or gritty cleaners! It prolongs cage life when compared with using harsh scouring pads and is perfect for glass, plated or powder-coated surfaces like pet cages and aquariums. 

  • Non-abrasive poly fibers
  • Works with just water!
  • Prolongs cage life compared to other harsher materials
  • Perfect for glass, plated or powder-coated surfaces

Measurements: 5"L x 3"W x 1.25"H.

Directions: Wet pad with warm water, scrub area, and let your pet's home dry. For plastic bases, test on hidden area before using. 

Care: Wash with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly until water runs clear. Good for up to 6 months of home use.

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by APWGIRL on September 20, 2021

This is truly a unique product and I had a talk with Exotic Nutrition about it!!! This item is one of the most useful products that I have accidentally come across. Not only is it wonderful for cleaning you pets houses/cages, but it also has so many uses in your kitchen and even your bath!!! They are far better than steel work for cleaning your pots and pans. It is also great on counter tops!!! This is an amazing product for flat surface stove tops. I bought two extras for myself. I had them sent to someone else as a gift. I hope Exotic Nutrition doesn't mind me bringing this up (I did tell them about it) but for all the people who have small creatures, there is a product called Dirt Devil detailer. They are a small rechargeable vacuum that does a great job. Dirt Devil quit making them a few years ago, but I have found them online on eBay. They are wonderful for cleaning cages!!!! I bought two...again!!! I use mine everyday for cleaning up droppings and dust from the chins baths. I hope Exotic Nutrition puts up this post in its entirety to help other exotic pet owners learn of a product that may help!!! - Debbie M.

by APWGIRL on September 2, 2021

I had waited to do a review on this item until I tried a few other things with it first. As a cage cleaner they are great, but when you place your next order with exotic nutrition add these to your order...they are the best thing I have found for scrubbing pots in the kitchen!!!!! They do such a great job, they don't rust, they are easy to clean, no bit of metal get under your skin. These are also good in the place of a loofah (just don't get too carried away with the pressure on your skin!!! What a versatile tool this has turned out to be. After I post this, I will be placing an order for them as a little gift!!! -Debbie M.

by Anonymous on January 22, 2020

These are a real time saver. Wouldn't want to clean a cage without them. -Sandra G.

by NicoleGaucher on April 16, 2019

Works great even on the stuck on stuff. -Nicole G.

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