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Blue Beauty Dust 3 lb.

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LIXIT Blue Beauty Dust is perfect to use in dry baths for Chinchillas, Gerbils, Degus, and Hamsters. It is sustainably mined, completely natural, and there are no added chemicals during processing. This natural dust encourages your pet's instinctual grooming and removes moisture, oils, and odors from the fur, helping to maintain a soft and healthy coat.

  • 100% Natural, no added chemicals
  • Encourages your pet's instinctual grooming and helps to maintain a soft and healthy coat.
  • One scoop is included.

Size: Net Weight = 3 lbs (1360.77 g).

DIRECTIONS: Place 5 scoops of dust into your pet's dry bath. Place filled bath in pet's habitat. Let pet roll in dust for 15 minutes a day. Discard dust once it has become soiled every 1-2 weeks.

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