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All-Natural Nesting Material 1.5 oz.

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Looking for a cozy, eco-friendly, and fun nesting material for your small pet? Exotic Nutrition's All-Natural Nesting Material is the perfect choice! Made from fluffy and dye-free cotton fibers , this material will provide your pet with a safe, warm, and comfortable spot to rest and play. Your pet will love burrowing and building their own secure nesting spot, satisfying their natural instincts and providing them with endless hours of entertainment. Whether you have a bird, rat, squirrel, or any other small pet, this nesting material is a great addition to their cage bedding and will create a diverse and exciting environment that your pet will never want to leave! Order now and watch your furry friend enjoy their new cozy and fun home!

  • Made from 100% natural Virginia-grown cotton
  • Encourages natural burrowing and nesting instincts
  • Made from a sustainable resource and is recyclable

NOTE: Plant matter, seeds, and small twigs could be present as this is a natural product. 

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Customer Reviews

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by Anonymous on May 29, 2023

my degus will tear up anything for cozy things in their bed, this solves that and is nice and warm for them!! -Mia S

by Peak-A-Boo on January 3, 2023

My "pet"(rehabbed) squirrel that refuses to leave absolutely loves the bedding fluff I get from Exotic Nutrition. I have bought 2 of the big bags for him, and he spent 2 days re making his beds. My squirrel does not live in a cage, so he had an adventure replacing toilet paper and paper towels and whatever else he found with his new bedding. He now uses all of his beds and hide outs since he put fluff in all of them, where as he didnt use 3 of his beds until he put fluff in them. Now that he knows what fluff is, he gets excited when I open a new bag and starts replacing old fluff right away. But he will "popcorn" as he does it which makes it funny and cute. It is definitely a must have for any "pet" squirrel. - Frank J.

by Steperin on December 28, 2022

My sugar gliders love this stuff - CJ S.

by Anonymous on December 11, 2022

My pet squirrel loves this nesting material!! I like that it’s all natural and the price is right.

by Anonymous on October 22, 2022

Good product.

by Anonymous on October 17, 2022

My Rat just goes bananas over these. He just loves them

by BinSager on September 13, 2022

Nice price and nice product - Mohamed A.

by Anonymous on July 20, 2022

My Douglas Squirrels love this, and I love watching them stuffing into their mouths and disappear into their nests with it, only to return for more. -Laura B.

by marydodge on June 4, 2022

I bought the squirrel starter pack with the house for my 6 week old Douglas squirrel rescue. I purchased extra bedding for his house. He loves it!!! He snuggles right in and sleeps amazing! Definitely a recommend! Great price too!

by Ricky on January 10, 2022

The best stuff! -Ricky R.

by Anonymous on June 21, 2021

Nugget the squirrel loves this soft bedding inside of her squirrel house! Squirrel smiles for miles! -Jennifer T.

by Bundychristine on April 1, 2021

Both of my chinchillas love this. To understand this better you have to know that this turned on of my chins into a cuddle bug. From a hiddy-never-liked hands boy. -Christie B.

by Anonymous on March 7, 2021

My sg loves this nesting product the best. -Noralee E.

by Bertafritz on January 13, 2021

EXCELLENT!!!!!!!! -Berta F.

by Anonymous on September 16, 2020

My little squirrel loves this stuff. She burrows under it, flattens it out, and curls up nice and warm in it in her nest box. And that's great because central Florida gets extremely damp , especially at night. - Stacey P.

by Anonymous on July 12, 2020

My hedgie loves this stuff!!! I put a little in for her to play with. The only downside... Is it got cought in her toes and she created poop boots running on her wheel once. Got to keep an eye on these goofy things with everything you buy 🤣. -Nancy H.

by Anonymous on May 4, 2020

Amazing my pet squirrels love to cuddle under and keep warm. -Evelyn A.

by Anonymous on May 1, 2020

My baby squirrel love it!!! He builds some cool little hideouts for himself. I am purchasing a lot more -Michelle S.

by Anonymous on April 16, 2020

My pet loves it. -Debra R.

by Anonymous on April 10, 2020

The all natural nesting material is great! It was easy to refill the grape vine Hummingbird hangers and they will be hung outside as soon as the hummers return to Upstate Central New York. -Chazz

by Hellokittygirl on February 6, 2020

My flyer loves this. He wads a bunch in his hands and mouth and runs to where he wants to make his bed -Tina H.

by Anonymous on January 7, 2020

Breeder birds accept it well and nest right into it. -Barb

by Peewee on December 21, 2019

My pet squirrel loves it! -Rebecca U.

by Anonymous on November 28, 2019

This is perfect for my little critters❤️👌 gliders and flyers! -Denise G.

by Anonymous on October 23, 2019

Just ordered some things for my new squirrel! Everything came a day early and was correct. Best place for exotic pets! And he loves his new food and toys! -Alexandra P.

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