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LIVE MEALWORMS ARE NOT GUARANTEED DURING INCLEMENT WEATHER. View our full Live Mealworm Guarantee* in our Terms & Conditions.

Heat Packs are used to help keep products, like live mealworms, warm during transit. Carrier trucks become very cold in the winter and fall months and are subject to freezing live mealworms. Adding heat packs to your order will help keep the shipment warm for the first 6-12 hours of transit, increasing the chance for live arrival.

If you are ordering LIVE MEALWORMS during November-February (or other times of the year if your location is extremely cold), add 1-2 heat packs to your order to help keep the worms from freezing during transit. We suggest adding at least 1 heat pack per 5000 mealworms...more if you are located in an extremely cold area.

Live Mealworm Shipping Recommendations:

We recommend you select Next Day Service shipping method, we do not guarantee live mealworm delivery with any other shipping methods. See full guarantee below.*

*LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE: Live mealworm typically ship via USPS Priority Mail service, but may also ship via FedEx. If the temperature at the delivery location is above 85 degrees F. or below 32 degrees F, we suggest that you select Next Day Service shipping. If any other shipping method besides Next Day Service is used, the customer assumes responsibility for the arrival condition of the mealworms.

The second most reliable shipping method is Expedited shipping. It is not recommended to ship live mealworms by Economy or Standard Ground services. Mealworms must be shipped to a location where they can be received and cared-for upon delivery. We do not guarantee live delivery if mealworms are left outside or delivered to a street mail box.

Orders shipped by Next Day Service with morning delivery that are received upon delivery are warranted under our guarantee. If mealworms do not arrive alive (D.O.A.), the customer is responsible for filing a replacement claim (by phone or email) within 24 hours of delivery time. We cannot make exceptions to this policy.


  • Designed for reliable and steady heat release for 40+ hours
  • Excellent for shipping live insects like mealworms
  • Provides an average warmer surface temperature of 100 degrees F

One warmer can reach its peak surface temperture of 115 degree F in approximately 4 hours then slowly reduce to and maintain a surface temperature of 100 degree F for the remaining duration (approximately 36 hours).

Environmentally safe with non-toxic ingredients. Can be disposed with normal trash.

CContents: Iron powder, water, activated carbon, vermiculite, wood powder and salt

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by on April 2, 2019

Still squeamish about so many worms but looks like they’re doing really well! -Cynthia H.

by on November 28, 2018

Thanks. You guys do a great job. -Christopher W.

by on December 25, 2017

I only ordered one time from you and was very happy with my order that's why I am ordering again. Thank you

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