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Bearing Cartridge for 14" Treadmill Wheel

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This cartridge is designed for the 14-inch Treadmill Wheel. This bearing cartridge is built for durability and will last many months if cared for properly. Includes new bearing cartridge with two bearings (inside) and screw. See assembly video below.

Maintenance: Wheels have a center bearing cartridge that is subject to wear-and-tear over time with continuous use, but this replacement will make any old wheel work like new! Some customers go years without replacing it, while others may have to replace it once or twice per year. Product warranty is 60 days, where Exotic Nutrition will provide a complimentary replacement center bearing cartridge.

Watch our Treadmill Wheel Assembly video below.


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by Anonymous on April 7, 2019

My chinchillas LOVE their 14" wheel (they each have one). My male gets his spinning so fast that sometimes he can't keep up! As soon as I put them back in their cage at bedtime, they are both off and running and continue throughout the night. I just replaced the bearing in Dexter's (male) wheel because it was squeaky and getting hard to move and now Daisy's (female) wheel is squeaky and I notice getting harder to run on so I just ordered a couple more bearings. I love this wheel because there is no way for their feet to get caught in between wires or anything else while they are running like some of the other wheels and it's made out of sturdy metal unlike the other cheap plastic ones. -Jill P.

by Anonymous on December 18, 2018

My chin loves his wheel so when I got back from my family vacation I noticed his wheel had stopped spinning I purchase this right away. It's so easy to take apart and put together again. Happy with this purchase. -Jessica W.

by Anonymous on October 1, 2018

Great replacement for the 14” wheel! The best part is, it is very easy to change! I love this wheel for my hedgehog! -April J.

by Anonymous on February 3, 2018

We bought the treadmill wheel for our chinchilla over a year and a half ago. Rocco LOVES his wheel!! He runs on it every night and gives it quite the work out!! He ran it until the bearing wore out! The bearing was easy to replace and Exotic Nutrition shipped our order right away. Rocco was only unable to use his wheel for a couple of days. The bearing is just the part but I HIGHLY recommend the treadmill wheel for any chinchilla or similar pet that loves to run and play!! IF they run hard and wear out the bearing, it is very inexpensive and easily replaced. Definately one of the best investments we have made for him!!

by Anonymous on August 31, 2017

worked like a charm runs like it's brand new. Super easy to put together, this one should last a good long time with the metal ring(instead of plastic)- love your products

by Anonymous on June 20, 2017

This is the only wheel that has held up to my chinchilla's hard running and he loves it!

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