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Charitable Donations

Exotic Nutrition is proud to annouce the 2020 Helping Hands Grant- which will provide up to $10,000 in cash and pet supply products to organizations dedicated to rescuing exotic pets, rehabilitating wildlife, and exotic animal research. Click here to read more & apply:
Helping Hands
Other Charitable Donations:
August 2020 - EARPS Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary ($500 cash)
February 2020 - Pet Supplies for Orange City Squirrel Summit ($50 value)
January 2020 - Wildlife Victoria ($500 cash)
November 2019 - Pet Supplies for EARPS Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary ($50 value)
September 2019 - Dried Mealworms for the Wildlife Center of Virginia's Call of the Wild conference ($100 value)
August 2018 - Dried Mealworms for the Wildlife Center of Virginia's Call of the Wild conference ($100 value)
July 2018 - Pet Supplies to Joey's Jungle Animal Rescue ($50 value)
December 2017 - Cages to the Sugar Glider Nutrition Study ($350 value)
January 2014 - Slow Loris Rescue
June 2013 - Sugar Glider Genetics Project ($1000 cash)
If you run a rescue facility or pet-related non-profit, we offer discounted pricing to aid in your endeavors. Click here to fill out an application.
In addition to our chartiable donations, we are also the proudly distribute to over 200 professional institutions worldwide. Click here to view these institutions. 
  • Wildlife Centers
  • Zoos
  • Humane Societies
  • Universities
  • Nature Sanctuaries
  • Science Research Centers
  • National Parks
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Conservation Centers

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