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Pellet Diet for Captive Squirrels

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Picky Squirrel Not Getting Accustomed To A Healthy Pellet Diet?

Deluxe Squirrel Diet is the recommended pellet diet for indoor squirrels. It is precisely calculated with the correct amount of protein and vitamins your squirrel needs to thrive.

If your squirrels are confused by pellets or are resistant to trying them, we suggest withholding fresh food, nuts, treats, and other delicacies until your squirrel gets used to healthy pellets being the main portion of their diet. Make sure the pellet diet is the only food provided, otherwise they will fill up on the other food you are provided and never have reason to try new things. The biggest mistake we hear from owners is that their squirrels aren’t getting accustomed to pellets immediately, so they just offer another food. From a realistic standpoint, squirrels will take time to get adjusted to pellets if they have been used to fresh food, nuts, treats, and other delicacies. While these foods are fine, they do not contain all the necessary and precisely calculated proteins, fats, or other vitamins and minerals your squirrel needs to thrive. It is similar to convincing a child to eat their vegetables after months of letting them eat non-nutritious food. 

If they do not eat the new pellets at first, do not succumb to giving them nuts or anything else, feeding a diet too high in fatty nuts can lead to obesity and picky eating. The transition into a diet of healthy pellets can take time, but patience and trust in the food is key. When offering a pellet diet for the first time, we recommend feeding 100% pellets for 5 days straight, with zero other food options or treats. Even one minuscule piece of nut can discourage them from eating the pellets because they think they will eventually be offered more nuts if they continue withhold eating. We hear from many satisfied owners about successful transitions, all of which say they persisted when their squirrels turned their head away from pellets during the first few days, and eventually they came around to trying the new diet once they were hungry enough. 

Squirrels are intelligent animals, they will never let themselves starve. Owners should never feel guilty about offering strictly one diet for this short amount of time, it is one of the healthiest diet options you can provide for your squirrels, and you can always return to offering nuts and other variety once your squirrels have shown they will eat the pellets.


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