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Pet Photography Partnership

Are you a semi-professional photographer or videographer? Do you own a pet that we cater to, such as Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Chinchillas, Squirrels, Prairie Dogs, etc? We have an opportunity for you!

Exotic Nutrition's Pet Photography Partnership involves shipping customers complimentary EN products, in return for quality photos / videos of their pets using these EN products.

Interested? Send some example photos of your pet interacting with misc products by email to our Marketing Manager:


  • Products - The products you will be sent can be viewed on our website. Before we send any products, we will let you know what we are sending, to make sure you approve of the product and your pet's use of it. 
  • Types of Images - We are looking for photos of the products in-use, of your pet playing with / touching / reaching towards the product. This can be taken in the cage or outside of the cage, as long as the background and foreground are decently clear, and are a solid neutral color. 
  • Agreement - We would need you to sign a short, simple agreement that states we are allowed to use your photo.
  • Photo Placement - These photos will mainly be used as additional photos for the product listings on our website. However they may also eventually go on our social media pages, print/digital marketing, and other places.
  • Ratio of photo is 1:1 (a square)
  • Background is blank and clear, is a neutral color, and is a solid surface (no hanging sheets)
  • Foreground is blank and clear, is a neutral color, and is a solid surface (no blankets or plush carpets)
  • Entire product and entire animal are in the shot, nothing cut off
  • There are no miscellaneous accesories or other items in the shot
  • Product is being used, with the pet either playing with it / touching it / reaching towards it
  • Angle is straight-on (not from above), and product / pet are centered
  • Photo is not shadowy, dark, or blurry at all


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