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Borneo Cage

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The Borneo Cage is the ultimate home for your pet. Large size with room to spare and proper bar spacing. Beautifully crafted with the highest quality materials, this habitat provides almost 32ft³ of space for your pet(s) to live comfortably. Designed with two full-length front doors that provide access to the entire cage. 6 heavy-duty caster wheels for ease of mobility and 2 pull-out deep catch trays for easy cleaning. The Borneo Cage is also suitable for other small pets, including squirrels and marmosets. Ready to add your cage accessories such as climbing ropes, nest boxes etc.  Looking for an even bigger cage? We offer Borneo Add-On units (sold separately) to expand the size.  


  • Measures 25 inches long x 40 inches wide x 62 inches tall (including stand)
  • Expandable with add-on sections (sold separately) 
  • Built with the recommended ½” bar spacing and heavier gauge wire.
  • Features 2 large front doors for complete access to every area of the cage.
  • Finished with a pet-safe powder coating to prevent rust.
  • Catch trays are removable for easy cleaning.
  • Features 6 sturdy rolling caster wheels for easy mobility.
  • Crafted with experienced workmanship and quality materials.
  • Color - Charcoal / Black

Other Details: This cage is best suited for experienced pet owners with bonded pets. For unbonded pets, please keep in mind the risk for escape when opening the doors. 

Additional Measurements-

Stand is 7 inches tall. Catch Tray is 1.75 inches deep. 

Borneo EN4993A Box 1 (1-2) measures 58 inches long x 22 inches wide x 5 inches tall / 48 lb.

Borneo EN4993A Box 2 (2-2) measures 58 inches long x 26 inches wide x 4 inches tall / 41 lb.

  • UPC810012544993

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