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TestimonialsRead what our customers have to say about us ....

Hi! I ordered one of your Madagascar cage bundles and it not only arrived early but I am totally thrilled by my purchase. It came with everything I could need for a upgrade for my sugar gliders (out of their half that size starter cage to this, which fits two adult males much better.) There wasn't a review section so I figured I would send you guys an email. Thank you, I will certainly be ordering from you again! :)

Kate and her gliders Ezio and Leo

I just wanted to write and express my gratitude on how fast your shipping is and how reasonable your prices are. Every single product that I have ordered from you is outstanding, the quality of your items and the educational information on your site is fantastic. Thank you so much. Your company is amazing!

An Extremely Satisfied Customer.

Angela DeLegge

This merchant is top. Rates right up with the other major (breeder and) suppliers for Sugar Gliders. Exotic Nutrition is actually superior in terms of cages, foods, toys, etc for the gliders. I say this from several years experience now. -Sincerely, Miss Anne, sugar glider Mom

Thank you, I must tell you I love your store, if you look you will see I order everything from you guys. Thank you very much I am a Happy Customer. I cant wait to get my next cage from you .. Your cages are amazing I love them, and so do my lil boys. I am new to sugar gliders, and I really try hard to provide them with proper nutrition, vet care, habitats etc. Thank you again. -Marlene

I have a flock of about 75-100 birds (robins, wrens, sparrows, doves, pigeons, ducks, flickers, woodpeckers, nuthatches, finches, etc.) that appear in my back yard every morning at 9 am. If I donít show up with mealworms...thereís a serious risk that Iíll be taken hostage. Your mealworms (and their price) are exceptional. Thanks for what you do. -Larry

Love love love you guys. My 14yr old daughter has a Pygmy Hedgehog named Pickle. We all enjoy her so much. And ordering from you so easy and it never takes but a few days and as always you give us everything we need in wonderful quality and service. You all deserve a 10 star rating!!!! Thank you so very much! -Naomi K.

I ordered from Exotic Nutrition for the 1st time last week. They were incredible. It shipped out the same day i placed my order & it came withing 2-3 business days. Everything i ordered was delivered & i was just so impressed by how fast the delivery was! LOL! I'm a very impaitent person so they really fufilled my needs :) Will DEF be ordering with them in the future! Not to mention they provide you with a catalouge with whatever animal you are buying supplies for :) Exotic Nutriton is the BEST! Good quality supplies for my Sugar Glider Saydee! May the joy be With You, -Whitney

I am excited about continuing to do business with your company. It was wonderful to be able to pick up the phone and not only a human being answer the phone, but to also be able to ask questions before making a purchase. I will be a repeat customer! -Yahoo Customer

The product (treadmill wheel) is EXCELLENT! When they said no noise and quiet... that is exactly what it is! Never hear it spinning.. The powder coating is a perfect item to have with these little chewers of mine. I ordered this item and was worried at first because this is a new company to me and I am always leery that it is a scam site. It is not! I had an issue with my email but the company responded right away and we got it figured out and my worries were quickly dissolved. Fair pricing and great products, quick shipping and outstanding packing! I "WILL" be ordering again from them soon for my critter products! Keep up the great work Exotic Nutrition, you will always have my business. -Less

Second time buying from and both times shipping was fast and products were great. My marmoset even started to like the biscuits I initially thought they disliked. They had really great deals going on and if you have exotic pets, you may want to check their site out. My Marmosets look a lot healthier and happier since I added GUM and Zupreem marmoset diet. Unfortunately I was told to feed them mixed vegies and chicken and that's not enough! I noticed a difference in body weight, temper, flexibility, and even the clarity of the sounds they make. Will be ordering from for as long as they are in business. Very pleased. -LILI

Product price was good, shipped very quickly and safely. Satisfied with website and product. Better product than big box stores. -Yahoo Customer

Love this company!! I have been a customer since getting my two sugar gliders about a year and a half ago. Never any problems with anything, great to do business with, extremely fast shipping, get useful coupons sent to my email- they simply do everything right. -Deana C.

I love shopping with this merchant. It's easy to order; their prices beat everyone else and delivery is extra quick. I keep returning to them. -Yahoo Customer

I want to thank you for your help with choosing the proper exercise wheels. I received my box of goodies for Mr. Prickles and Rosie Thorn. They are enjoying the wheels, toys and their new insects very much. I know I will be getting more things from you but I just wanted to say thank you. My friends are everything to me and they deserve the best. Till next time have a good day. Your happy hedgehog friend. -Deborah

Our 5 sugar gliders love their Exotic Nutrition products, from their large beautiful cage and their sleeping nests & pouches to their foods (and toy). -Anne the Glider Mom

I just wanted to thank you for outstanding service and products. I have been ordering from you for some time now and my order has always been promptly processed, shipped and received correct and always good products for the price. I appreciate the ten percent off coupons too. Thanks again, customer service and valuable products are worth so much. Your happy customer. -The Mastro's

Second time I've purchased 5 pounds of mealworms for my bluebirds (they gobble them up.) Exotic Nutrition has the absolutely best prices for bulk mealworms. They're $16 a pound at my local Lowes and Home Depot but they're $50 for 5 pounds here... $10 a pound. Price can't be beat and they're good quality, vacuum packed and not moldy. -Yahoo Customer

We have an African pigmy hedgehog and has a great selection of food and pet supplies for hedgehogs at reasonable prices. They shipped very quickly and offer helpful hints for pet care. I'm a repeat customer of theirs and will continue to shop with them. -Barbara R.

I have been ordering mealworms for 10 years now and have finally found a good, no ... the BEST company that delivers live and fresh worms. My bluebirds have come back year after year. Thanks, -Barbara Ryan in Benton, AR.

I just felt this great need to tell you that I think your store and service is wonderful. The quick delivery and fine detail to my needs for sugar gliders supplies and diversity. I am currently trying to begin my own ecommerce website and appreciate all the extra time and effort you spend in each of my orders. I have ordered twice in the last month. Please keep up the good work and I will be a loyal supporter. Maybe even talk about putting your link on my website, if you think it would be possible (grin). Thanks for all your help. -Sharon Smoot

This is one of the most informative websites I have ever been to. I have learned so much there. My Sugar Gliders love the products that I buy from ENC. They are very quick to ship out their packages, and they pack their packages very well also!! Great Company, wouldn't use another!!! -Cyndy B.

The company has a wide (perhaps the best) range of exotic products to offer, of excellent quality. Order placement and purchase runs smoothly; order management is fast and products ship the next business day. However, on my next purchase I will try to pick a faster delivery option, as the standard Airmail shipment available for overseas destinations is rather slow. -Gabriela S.

I just wanted to thank you for supplying such quality products for prairie dogs. My prairie dog, Molly, just recently died at age 10 years, 4 months. She was a wonderful,interactive pet. After my daughter grew weary of mice, hampsters, etc that only lived for a few months, we acquired Molly. With the help of quality food, she lived a very long, healthy life. Thanks again, -Patti Davis

Great service as always! My Degus love their food. I used to find pieces of the stuff that's $7/lb. at the pet store on the floor, but not the food from EN! -Richard B.

The shipment arrived today. I have never seen such lively meal worms before (I had been buying locally). Thought I would have to cool them down to dormancy to transfer them to my container. I am well pleased. -Tom Cain

Very happy and impressed with the cage quality and price. I have a very large assortment of creatures and had purchased cages in the past and again the quality and price was quite impressive! We inspected the food and it appeared to be fine. The pouch we ordered was not in the box but was on invoice. thanks happy holidays! P.S. thank you for getting it to me before the holiday, the gliders I adopted were in a pretty disgusting tank and I was trying to figure out what I was goig to do but you solved that issue for me! -Donald Q.

I love ordering from Exotic Nutrition. You have such a wide variety of food, toys, and so much keep my suggies Pheobe and Ursula so happy. They love all the fantastic treats and have a ball playing with all the fun toys. Thank you so much, I WILL continue to shop with you. -Gerilyn Hill

I just rec'd my first order of mealworms from Exotic Nutrition Company. I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the worms- they were ALL healthy and alive- a wonderful change from other companies I've ordered from! I will continue to order from this supplier and will absolutely recommend them to my coworkers and others- Sincerely, -K. Lehman - Seattle, WA

I just wanted to stop by and thank you all so much for being such a wonderful resource for me and my little ones! You have outstanding customer service and I have had a very pleasant experience shopping with you. Your prices are lower than most other places, certainly better than retail stores you have to drive to, and your delivery is prompt, timely along with well packaged/protected merchandise. I especially want to thank you for replacing my broken food dishes from the previous order with my new cage, I was delighted to see how well you stood behind your products. Again thank you fore everything and my suggies really appreciate your goodies as well, particularly the phoenix worms; they absolutely love eating them right out of my hand! I will continue using you all for all of my supplies because I know you will go above and beyond to make sure everything is right. -Bobbie S.

I have been ordering merchandise from Exotic Nutrition for 5 years now and shopping has always been a pleasure. I recieved the wrong item only one time and when I called they were extremely anxious to fix the problem. I encourage people to use Exotic Nutrition for their pet needs, they are a wonderful company to do business with. -Denise C.

I had an excellent shopping experience. It was easy to understand the site. Delivery was prompt. I would recommend this site to anyone. Great online store. -Joan G.

Awesome!!!!!! Will do business again! Thanks, -Susan - East Coast Exotic Animal Rescue

Exotic Nutrition has always given me excellent service and a very fast delivery, I recommend Exotic Nutrition to everyone that has exotic pets for the best care you can give your pet. Thanks Again. Sincerely, -Mick Kinney NC, USA

I have ordered several items and the staff are excellent. Very informative and carry all the supplies I use. Fast delivery and eager to help with any problems that may occur! Highly recommended! -Diana M.

This company always does a good job with my orders. I am always impressed that they notify their customers before they go on their short vacations, so that they don't leave you without the opportunity to purchase pet food that you might be low on. -Susan A.

I got a Sugar Glider from a friend who couldn't take care of him anymore. When he gave him to me he gave me a bag of food from you guys and some gliderade. I looked at every pet store in Jacksonville and couldn't find that food anywhere, so even though I am against online ordering, I needed too. By far your food is the best, and your prices are amazing. I will ALWAYS order from you. Thank you so much. -Kim C.

This company IS A++++++++++++++ I don't know what I would have done without being able to get these items for my Sugar gliders..and it was here in 2 Days..! I'll order from them again....EXCELLENT! -B.W. IN

I have sugar gliders and love the products offered by the Exotic Nutrition Company. I have ordered food, cleaning products, bonding pouches wodent wheels and also odor controlling products and have been very pleased! -Alison S.

I was very happy to have found a place to purchase all my sugar glider needs. After placing my first order and receiving it so fast I knew I would be a long time customer of the Exotic Nutrition Company. Thanks Again! -Heidi

I have ordered from Exotic Nutrition 6 or 7 times. I have always been very satisfied, and will continue to order from them. -Bill H.

I have ordered from this company a few times for myself and others. I will continue to use their products. So far I have no complaints at all. I don't expect to have any if their quality and service remains the same or better (if that's possible). -Vicki H.

Exotic Nutrition was very informative about the products I purchased. I like the selection and the delivery came about a day early. I recommend giving them a try. Sincerly, -Robert F.

I am very happy with the product and my pet loves all the room it has. I would highly recommend this product. Online ordering was simple and delivery was fast. I had the product within 3 days and that was with standard ground delivery. -Tammy F.

I was fortunate enough to try this food out on my sugar gliders several years ago, and they've been eating it ever since. They just love it and won't eat any other prepared food. I do feed them live crickets, fresh fruits, yogurt, nectars, and veggies in addition, but this is their staple food. I can honestly say that as long as I have sugar gliders, I'll be returning to Exotic Nutrition for the great pet foods that they make. -Kimberly S.

Very quick and reliable!!! Love to order from Exotic Nutrition ... and my Gliders love them too!!! -Christina M.

The supplies offered by this company were exciting and varied for many types of pets and the website was easy to browse and navigate. Purchasing was simple and everything arrived quickly and in good order. -Alison F.

High quality exotic pet foods and treats which are hard to find over the counter. I will continue shopping with them for a long time. Thanks for your speedy shipping!!! -Susanne P.

Fast shipping - even worked to save me money on shipping!! -Joshua S.

I wouldn't shop anywhere else for my glider needs!! This is the best place to shop!!!! -Ronald S.

This is the second time I have ordered from Exotic Nutrition for my sugar glider. They seem to be an extremely reliable company. I usually get my order in about 4 days. I would highly recommend them!!! -Janet S.

I have purchased items from this company several times. They have an excellent selection of sugar glider products. Their shipments always arrive correctly, promptly and in good condition. -Elizabeth C.

Exceptional products, fast delivery, and no disappointments with this company. My sugar gliders love the products and we will continue to shop at Exotic Nutrition Company. -Christine S.

Exotic Nutrition made purchasing products for my sugar gliders very easy. I, personally, have never bought anything online before, up until now. They are very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to safe products for my animals. The price was great, I felt, and the shipping was quite fast. I placed my order on Friday and everything arrived Wednesday! I will definitely be ordering much much more from Exotic Nutrition. Thanks a lot for making my first online purchase so simple and hassle free!! -Micah

Buddy loves his new home and loves all the stuff that came with it. When I contacted the customer serice they were very quick to reply and very helpful. Thank you. -Anita C.

This is not my first order and it won't be my last. They are very good and ship right away. I usually get my order within a week. I would recommend them to anyone with a pet. -Bob H.

I love the sugar glider store! I will never shop anywhere else again. They have all of my sugar glider needs! -Amber M.

This is a great website! All the toys were great, but they sold leashes and harnesses, which can be dangerous to sugar gliders, so it would be better if they took that off the products list. If they jump with the harness on, it could tear their gliding skin, and hurt them badly. I ordered 2 items at 5 to 7 day ground shipping and got it in about a day and a half, and it was flooding here, so GREAT service, checkout was easy, and I loved being able to look through all of their products and choose what I thought my gliders would like. -Anna M.

This is an awesome company, it has been a pleasure doing business with them. I will continue to do business with them in the future. -Cheryl M.

I am quite please with my purchase, my sugar loves it, I cant believe how she MOWS on the new food,,i have bought from this store before and as of yet, I have not been disappointed, and while I think shipping could be a bit less for small items, it will not keep me from buying there again, I'm devoted to great toys and food and suppliments for MY SUGAR!! And the people there will take the time to help you with questions, no matter what your problem is, they get an A from me. -Charlotte D.

I have purchased from this company before and they have always been great. The items arrive when they say they will and are exactly what I ordered. I would and do recommend them to anyone in need of sugar glider supplies. -Bob H.

I have always loved the store it has great item for my gliders and have never had a problem. Shipping is quick. -Jason J.

I started ordering worms from the Sugar Glider Store when two large retail pet stores stopped carrying them. I have been very satisfied with them. I have also bought Glider Complete, powdered nectar and papaya & blueberry treats. All of these have arrived quickly and in good condition. I will continue to shop at the Sugar Glider Store. -Jean H.

They had what I needed for the baby gliders. They shipped the next day and upgraded shipping without any additional charge to me (not sure why). I ordered on Sunday and received on Tuesday! -Amanda C.

I have to thank this store for offering so many and the variety of supplies for Sugar Gliders. I have to say, it is not easy to locate supplies for this new and rare companion animal. I also appreciate all the additional information regarding Sugar Gliders and their care on the website. -Yahoo Customer

FAST Shipping & Service! Prices are reasonable and if you sign up for the newsletter/coupons, you will periodically receive 10% + coupons for shopping here. -Yahoo Customer

Ordered numerous times from this seller and only one time did I have a problem with an order; an item was missing in the order, however, the seller quickly responded in the email and the missing item was immediately shipped to me. -Yahoo Customer

Exotic Nutritionô supports legitimate scientific research projects with financial donations to help advance the health and well-being of Sugar Gliders and other exotic mammals. A percentage of the profit from sales goes toward funding of these scientific projects. We hope you will join us in our quest to advance research in the exotic mammal health care fields.

The Exotic Nutrition Pet Company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of exotic mammal feeds, supplements, and accessories. Our facility is located in Southeastern Virginia.

We have always prided ourselves in meeting the needs of our exotic mammal friends when they are kept in captivity, and have always strived to bring the finest quality animal diets and accessories to conscience pet owners worldwide. Ensuring the health and well-being of your captive exotic is our main concern.

We are, and will continue to be, a company whose objective is to deliver the best possible products and services at an affordable price. Our company stands behind the products that we manufacture, and continuously monitors quality and freshness to offer you, and your pets, the highest quality foods, supplements, and accessories for exotics available.

Some of the Colleges and Institutions that use our products ....

Bucknell University /PA * University of Louisville Stony Brook University/NY * Peel Zoo / Australia * University of Maryland * UCLA /Lab Animal Research * Jungle Island / Miami Fl. * Kansas City Zoo / MO * National Aquarium Baltimore * United States Center for Disease Control * Heritage Park Zoo / AZ * University of Rhode Island * Missouri State University * PETA / Norfolk VA. * University of Louisiana * Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary /Ky * University of Montreal * Big Cat Habitat & Santuary / FL * University of Kentucky * Port Defiance Zoo & Aquarium / WA * Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary / AL * Americas Teaching Zoo / CA * Harvard University / Cambridge MA * University of British Columbia / Canada * Washington State University * University of Kansas Med Center Lab Animal * University of Pennsylvania * Heritage Park Zoological Association * Sunset Zoo / Manhattan KS. * Baton Rouge Zoo / LA * Humane Animal Welfare Society / WI * Guadeloupe Zoo / West Indies * Utica Zoo of Utica / NY * Liberty Science Center / Animal Husbandry * Roos-N-More Zoo / NV * Shedd Aquarium / Chicago * NC Aquarium / Roanoke Island * Blue Ridge Wildlife Center / VA * Seoul National University / Bio. Science * ThŁringer Zoopark / Germany * Guadeloupe Zoo / France * Sea World / San Diego * Pittsburg State University * Native Animal Rescue / CA * Humane Society of Washington County / MD * Arizona State University Animal Care * Foothills Wildlife Research Facility / CO * Zoo Atlanta * UCLA * Indian Creek Zoo / MI * North East Ohio Medical University * University of Rochester * University of Arizona / Department of Entomology * Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge / FL * Charlotte Nature Museum / NC * San Diego Zoo / Safari Park * Veterinary Care Specialists / MI * Highlands Nature Sanctuary / OH * Shearwaters Kauai Humane Society / HI * Virginia Aquarium Virginia Beach Va. * The Wildlife Conservation and Education Center NJ * El Paso Zoo / TX * Atlantic City Aquarium / NJ * LSU School of Veterinary Medicine * Animal Medical Center of Forney / TX * Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue / CO * American Museum of Natural History NY * University of California / Qureshely Research Lab * Sea World (Bird Dept.) San Diego, CA * Dakota Zoo / Bismark, ND * Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society / Canada * Black Pine Animal Sanctuary / IN * Eastern Wyoming College * Alexandria Zoological Park / LA * Tanganika Wildlife Park / KS * Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo, MS * Edenton National Fish Hatchery * Penn State University /Biology Dept * University of Western Ontario * Pocono Snake & Animal Farm * Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center * Department of Biological Sciences Texas Tech University * Yosemite National Park * Pocono Snake & Animal Farm / PA * Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine /St.Kitts * Pittsburg State University(KS)/Biology Dept * University of Missouri / Veterinary * Texas Tech University * Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium * Purdue University / Biology Dept. * El Paso Zoo / El Paso TX * Hutchinson Zoo / KS * Northeastern University * Sandy Bottom Nature Park / Hampton Va. * University of Kansas /Lab Animal Resources *Virginia Zoo / Norfolk Va.