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Glider Toys

Sugar Gliders are active, playful creatures that love to be entertained with toys. They'll also entertain you with all their wild, fun activity! They get the most benefit from certain types of toys that encourage their natural activities found in the wild, like jumping, swinging and climbing. Toys like ropes, ladders and swings are recommended to mimic this type of activity. Foraging toys will provide them with a stimulating challenge when it comes time to feed or give treats. Add 2-3 toys to your pet's cage at a time and switch them out regularly for continued stimulation.


Hide and Seek Forage Toy
Jumping Jingles
Double Axis Mirror
Tip & Treat Dispenser
Coco Forage Treat Dispenser
Price: $12.89
Sale Price: $8.79
PVC Forager
Forage Globe with Bell
Bungee Toy
Hanging Funky Ladder
Light-Up Play Ball
Glider Bungee Spring
California Calcium Twister
Coil of Fun
Cotton Ring Swing
Klik Klak Toy
Tiki Forage Toy
House of Treats
Triple Treat Forage Toy
Doors And Drawers Foranging Toy
Barrel of Fun
Over the Rainbow Toy
Price: $8.99
Sale Price: $7.54
Forage Egg
Space Circles
Ding-a-ling toy
Fun House Mirrors
Sisal Rope Swing
Ring Gym with Bell
Spinning Bells
Activity Bell
Glider Bowling Toy
Glider Harness & Leash
Rock & Roll Swing
Beaded Bridge
Silly Saucer
Pet Play Balls
Treasure Chest Forage Toy
Cage Accessories

Sugar gliders are curious, playful animals that enjoy manipulating objects in their environment.

Playtime helps to foster better mental health and a sense of independance. In young Gliders, playtime is part of the natural learning process in which young pets start to learn about textures and shapes, toys hep in development of coordination and dexterity. Exposure to a large variety of objects at a young age helps to create a more confident, less fearful pet.

Toys provide mental stimulation, physical exercise and an outlet for chewing and manipulating behaviors that might otherwise be taken out of the cage or household furniture. Toys should be one aspect of an enriched environment for your Sugar glider, which should also include nesting pouches and companionship.

Sugar glider toys include items that Sugar Gliders can push, toss, carry, chew or otherwise manipulate. Avoid toys with small ruber components, which may be eaten and lead to intestinal blockages. Likewise, toys wit hsharp edges may cause lacerations. Cloth Sugar glider toys that can be unraveled can be dangerous if the threads are eaten. When introducing a ne Sugar glider toy, supervise them initially. Popular toys that can be found on our website include tunnels, swings, and wheels. Choose toys that are durable and easy to clean. In addition, a number of household items can provide amusement. These include cardboard boxes, cloth bags, and even old socks. Rotating toys weekly will help prevent boredom.

Sugar Glider Toys