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Specifc products for the care of your pet Prairie Dog. Time tested diets and supplements that you can rely on for complete nutritional requirements of your pet. Cages, healthy treats, and cage accessories that are recommended for this specifc species.

Prairie dogs are affectionate, loving creatures largely, if not entirely due to their social structure in nature. When baby Prairie dogs are weaned and then brought up in a human environment, they quickly and easily subsitute people for their colony family. Prairie dogs do not do well if they are in an environment where there is little interaction with them. They are social, not solitary animals.

Prairie dogs require a specialized high fiber diet. In the wild, Prairie dogs feed on grasses. These grasses are high fiber and low fat. Our Prairie dog food has been formulated to mimic the same nutrition content that is in a Prairie dogs natural diet. Our Prairie dog food is manufactured from a blend of fresh, locally grown grain products.

In the wild ... grasses are the preferred food of the prairie dog, and generally makes up about three quarters of its diet.

In captivity, Prairie dogs should be offered a high fiber diet such as Exotic Nutrition Prairie Dog Diet. This food was formulated specifically for the nutritional requirements of captive Prairie dogs and is very high in fiber content.

You may also offer whole oats, & dried timothy grass or timothy hay cubes. Fresh vegetables suggestions would be raw sweet potatos & raw carrots.

The prairie dog eats a simple vegetarian diet of pellets, fresh hay, grasses, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, and fresh water.

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