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Sugar Glider Odor Control

Odor from Sugar Gliders can be attributed to three possibilities: musk odor from male gliders, urine & feces odor from male or female gliders, or a combination of both.

There is not a lot that can be done with odor from the scent glands of male Sugar Gliders, although you can mask this odor with products such as PureAyre or Smellin'Good dry bath. Male scent gland odors can be more prevalent during the breeding seasons.

As far as odor from urine and feces, there are multiple options to eliminate these. The best in our opinion is a product called ELIMINA. This product is sprayed directly onto the foods and works internally to eliminate most odors from urine and feces. It takes about 3 days to begin working but does a good job. The other options are products to keep the cage and cage accessories clean and fresh. Kage Kleen works well for cleaning and odor removal as does PureAyre.

Will the types of foods that I feed my Sugar Glider contribute to odors?

The answer to this question is yes. Higher protein foods such as live or dried insects can cause more odors in the urine, but if you are using a product such as ELIMINA, it doesn't matter what your gliders are eating, Elimina will remove those odors.

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