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Live Mealworms (Medium) 6000 Pack

Live Mealworms (Medium) 6000 Pack

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6000 Pack Medium size mealworms: 1/2-3/4 inches long. Shipped direct to your door.

We recommend you select the shipping method Expedited, 2-Day or Next Day Service for shipping live mealworm orders. We also suggest HEAT PACKS or ICE PACKS (see below)for extreme weather shipping. Full guarantee below.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - LIVE MEALWORMS: Mealworms can be stored for weeks if not months refrigerated. They arrive in a mesh bag, first remove the bag & transfer them to a smooth sided tray or tub (or mealworm storage container). If the sides of your container are smooth, a lid should not be necessary. If a lid is used it should be well ventilated. Remove worms from the fridge every 7 to 10 days, let them warm up to room temperature, then feed them Mealworm Keeper and or Mealworm Chow and a piece of carrot, after 24 hours at room temperature, remove uneaten carrot and place them back in the refrigerator.

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Live Arrival Guarantee:
Our goal is to have your live mealworms delivered to you in perfect condition. Due to high temperatures during certain times of year across the country, there is a chance that the worms will be compromised at some point during transit. The most reliable way to ship during warmer temperatures is by Next Day Air Service (if FedEx guarantees delivers to your area in morning). The second most reliable method is by Priority Mail Service (US Postal).

If you are ordering live mealworms along with dry goods, it may be more economical to order the worms separate. Simply place one order for the worms, then place a second order for your dry goods (using Ground Service). This may save on shipping costs.

You must have your orders shipped to a place where they can be received and cared for upon delivery. We can not guarantee live delivery if no one was available to receive the order, or if the delivery driver was unable to make delivery on the first attempt, or if your worms were delivered to a street mail box (mail boxes get very hot).

We do not guarantee live delivery if the temperatures in your area are above 83 degrees F, or below 32 degrees F, at time of delivery. We strongly suggest that you add one or more ice packs to your order during check-out.

We understand that you want to ship in the most economical way, but we will not assume responsibility for live delivery if you select a slower shipping method and the worms did not arrive alive. If you select Next Day Air Service (and FedEx guarantees delivery to your area in the morning) we will guarantee live delivery, but if you select a slower shipping method, you would assume responsibility for the worms. Typically Priority Mail Service works well, and is an inexpensive way to ship. 95% of the worms that we ship this way get delivered in excellent condition, but because this service does not have a guarantee delivery time or delivery date, it can sometimes be unreliable.

If your worms do not arrive alive, and the above conditions were met, you must contact us with-in 24 hours of delivery to file a claim for replacement worms. We cannot make exceptions to this policy. We will replace the worms at no charge, but you would be responsible for the cost to re-ship, and we will not guarantee live arrival for the replacement shipment unless they are shipped by Next Day Air Service.

Live Mealworms (Medium) 6000 Pack