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Fishing with MealwormsMeal worms make great fishing bait for catching trout, pan fish or largemouth bass. Find out why meal worms require small hooks (size 14 or 18)... when being used as bait, with the help from an expert fisherman in this free video on mealworms. You will need the Giant Mealworms to fish with ... anything smaller will be too small VIEW VIDEO ON FISHING WITH MEALWORMS

Canned Superworms 35 g.
$3.79, 6/$22.14, 12/$43.08, 24/$83.36

Mealworms are extremely easy to keep. Just store them in your refrigerator at 45-50 degrees F. where they go into a dormant state and last for months. We suggest that you remove the mealworms from the refrigerator once per week, feed them Mealworm Bedding/Keeper along with Mealworm Grub and raw potatoes. Allow the mealworms to feed for 24 hours, then place them back into the refrigerator for long term storage.

If you don't want to mess with the Live mealworms ... try our canned Super Mealworms. Also great for fishing !

Live worms are typically shipped via Priority mail service. Delivery time is typically 2 business days from day of shipping. We also offer Next Day Air Service or 2nd. Day Air Service from FedEx. See below for live arrival guarantee. Select your shipping method during check-out.

Live Arrival Guarantee:
Live mealworm & Phoenix worm orders typically ship via U.S. Priority mail service(approx.2 day delivery time). During Winter months, we may use FedEx Ground service (depending on the delivery location) but during the warmer months (May - Oct.), we use Priority Mail Service only (worms will arrive by your postal carrier).

You must have your orders shipped to a place where they can be received and cared for upon delivery. We can not guarantee live delivery if your order was left outside because no one was around to receive it, or if your worms were delivered to a street mail box.

We cannot guarantee live delivery if the temperatures in your area was above 80 degrees F, or below 32 degrees F, at the time of delivery. If the temperatures in your area, are going to be 80 degrees or above, or 32 degrees or below, at the delivery location, we suggest that you select 'Next Day Air' delivery service, rather than Priority Mail Service, to help ensure live delivery. Otherwise your order will ship at your own risk ... we will not guarantee.

If your worms do not arrive alive, and the above conditions were met, you must contact us with-in 24 hours of delivery time in order to file a claim for replacement worms. We cannot make exceptions to this policy.

Fishing with Mealworms