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Exercise Wheels

Exercise WheelsNeed the quietest and safest wheel on the market? The Silent Runner Wheel is the one for you! The semi-enclosed design and the solid rear wall also makes rodents, who are natural “wall-huggers,” feel much safer as they run. Pet's are attracted to the wheel's entry holes — which also offer a really nifty effect when watching them run.

Which size Silent Runner wheel do I need? The Silent Runner wheel is available in 3 sizes to suit many small animals. The 9 inch size is recommended for Sugar gliders, Hamsters, Siberian hamsters and mice. The 12 inch size is our recommendation for Sugar Gliders and female Rats, and the 12 inch (wide) size is recommended for Hedgehogs and male rats. Make sure to check your cage door opening before ordering, you will need a 12 inch opening or larger to use the 12 inch wheels. If your door opening is smaller than 12 inches, we recommend the 9 inch Silent Spinner Wheel.

Is it safe? The axle-free construction eliminates the possibility of tail entanglement, back injury or worse. No more center axle that your pet's fur can get caught on. This design has no pinch areas, and the natural 'bean-shaped' openings allow for an easy entrance and exit, The openings will entice pets to enter and run against a preferred solid wall back. The heavy duty (pet-safe powder coated) metal stand allows for give, protecting your pet from joint pain caused by running on hard fixed surface. Running tracks are solid and have a textured interior non-slip surface for excellent grip. The interior bolt head is protected by a smooth snap-on cover. Every Silent Runner Wheel is assembled and tested in the USA.

How quiet is it? The simple answer ... virtually silent. "Things roll better than they slide." The encased dual stainless steel roller-bearings yield low friction, which provides a smooth roll of the wheel. The bearings fit tightly in the wheel so there is no squeaking.

Exercise Wheels