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Insect-Eater Diet 12 oz.

Insect-Eater Diet 12 oz.

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Exotic Nutrition’s Insect Eater Diet TM (12 oz.jar) is a fortified, balanced diet containing all natural ingredients. New & improved...moister product. Specifically designed to be easy to feed, and provide optimum nutrition for Sugar Gliders, Hedgehogs, Skunks, Opossums, Armadillos, Coatimundi, Bearded Dragons, Marmosets, Capuchins, Reptiles, Birds, and other insect eating mammals.

In their natural domain, insects are a primary food for Sugar gliders, Hedgehogs, Skunks and other insectivores. Insects are very high in protein, so it stands to reason that feeding a diet that includes insects would be beneficial for optimum nutrition and breeding programs.

Superior nutrition .. and an amazingly simple feeding plan!

All Natural Ingredients - No Artificial Preservatives!

Feeding Insectivores such as: Sugar gliders, Hedgehogs, Opossums & Skunks can be troublesome. Mixing foods, feeding live insects, adding vitamins, finding a food that your pet likes, etc. those days are over, you can now offer a complete diet right out of the can.

Insect-Eater Diet contains long-chain Omega-3 Fatty acids and Taurine!

Feeding instructions: Insect-Eater Diet TM is ready to feed right out of the jar. Spoon out the appropriate amount of Insect-Eater Diet, and offer to your pet in a clean dish. Remove uneaten food after 24 hours. Insect-Eater Diet TM is designed to be fed free choice to Insectivorous and omnivorous animals. Most Animals will consume about one-fifth of their body weight per day. Feed requirements for animals will vary according to species, stress factors, environment and activities. Supply ample fresh drinking water at all times. Insect-Eater Diet TM may be introduced by mixing with the present diet in increasing proportions until it is the sole diet being fed. Some species may require supplemental solid foods (Pellet Diets etc.) to be provided for long -term heath of teeth and gums. Refrigerate after opening. Will store open in refrigerator for 14 days, or can be frozen for up to 6 months. Re-closable tops for easy storage.

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Exotic Nutrition™ supports legitimate scientific research projects with financial donations to help advance the health and well-being of Sugar Gliders and other exotic mammals. A percentage of the profit from sales goes toward funding of these scientific projects. We hope you will join us in our quest to advance research in the exotic mammal health care fields.

The Exotic Nutrition Pet Company specializes in the manufacture and distribution of exotic mammal feeds, supplements, and accessories. Our facility is located in Southeastern Virginia.

We have always prided ourselves in meeting the needs of our exotic mammal friends when they are kept in captivity, and have always strived to bring the finest quality animal diets and accessories to conscience pet owners worldwide. Ensuring the health and well-being of your captive exotic is our main concern.

We are, and will continue to be, a company whose objective is to deliver the best possible products and services at an affordable price. Our company stands behind the products that we manufacture, and continuously monitors quality and freshness to offer you, and your pets, the highest quality foods, supplements, and accessories for exotics available.

Some of the Colleges and Institutions that use our products ....

Bucknell University /PA * University of Louisville Stony Brook University/NY * Peel Zoo / Australia * University of Maryland * UCLA /Lab Animal Research * Jungle Island / Miami Fl. * Kansas City Zoo / MO * National Aquarium Baltimore * United States Center for Disease Control * Heritage Park Zoo / AZ * University of Rhode Island * Missouri State University * PETA / Norfolk VA. * University of Louisiana * Broadbent Wildlife Sanctuary /Ky * University of Montreal * Big Cat Habitat & Santuary / FL * University of Kentucky * Port Defiance Zoo & Aquarium / WA * Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary / AL * Americas Teaching Zoo / CA * Harvard University / Cambridge MA * University of British Columbia / Canada * Washington State University * University of Kansas Med Center Lab Animal * University of Pennsylvania * Heritage Park Zoological Association * Sunset Zoo / Manhattan KS. * Baton Rouge Zoo / LA * Humane Animal Welfare Society / WI * Guadeloupe Zoo / West Indies * Utica Zoo of Utica / NY * Liberty Science Center / Animal Husbandry * Roos-N-More Zoo / NV * Shedd Aquarium / Chicago * NC Aquarium / Roanoke Island * Blue Ridge Wildlife Center / VA * Seoul National University / Bio. Science * Thüringer Zoopark / Germany * Guadeloupe Zoo / France * Sea World / San Diego * Pittsburg State University * Native Animal Rescue / CA * Humane Society of Washington County / MD * Arizona State University Animal Care * Foothills Wildlife Research Facility / CO * Zoo Atlanta * UCLA * Indian Creek Zoo / MI * North East Ohio Medical University * University of Rochester * University of Arizona / Department of Entomology * Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge / FL * Charlotte Nature Museum / NC * San Diego Zoo / Safari Park * Veterinary Care Specialists / MI * Highlands Nature Sanctuary / OH * Shearwaters Kauai Humane Society / HI * Virginia Aquarium Virginia Beach Va. * The Wildlife Conservation and Education Center NJ * El Paso Zoo / TX * Atlantic City Aquarium / NJ * LSU School of Veterinary Medicine * Animal Medical Center of Forney / TX * Squirrel Creek Wildlife Rescue / CO * American Museum of Natural History NY * University of California / Qureshely Research Lab * Sea World (Bird Dept.) San Diego, CA * Dakota Zoo / Bismark, ND * Calgary Wildlife Rehabilitation Society / Canada * Black Pine Animal Sanctuary / IN * Eastern Wyoming College * Alexandria Zoological Park / LA * Tanganika Wildlife Park / KS * Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo, MS * Edenton National Fish Hatchery * Penn State University /Biology Dept * University of Western Ontario * Pocono Snake & Animal Farm * Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center * Department of Biological Sciences Texas Tech University * Yosemite National Park * Pocono Snake & Animal Farm / PA * Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine /St.Kitts * Pittsburg State University(KS)/Biology Dept * University of Missouri / Veterinary * Texas Tech University * Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium * Purdue University / Biology Dept. * El Paso Zoo / El Paso TX * Hutchinson Zoo / KS * Northeastern University * Sandy Bottom Nature Park / Hampton Va. * University of Kansas /Lab Animal Resources *Virginia Zoo / Norfolk Va.

Insect-Eater Diet 12 oz.