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Specifc products for the care of your pet Degu. Time tested diets and supplements that you can rely on for complete nutritional requirements of your pet. Cages, healthy treats, and cage accessories that are recommended for this specifc species.

Wild Degus mainly live on bulbs, tubers and bark. Since these foods are not readily available to the typical Degu owner, Exotic Nutrition has devised a complete feed for Degus.

DEGU COMPLETE is a balanced vitamin fortified pellet feed that contains all the nutrition necessary for growth and reproduction. Developed with the help of animal nutritionalists and veterinarians, DEGU COMPLETE, along with satisfying the nutritional requirements of pet Degus, also serves as a aid in preventing excess tooth growth and satisfies your Degus need to chew.

Feed your Degus this food 'free choice' daily along and ala supply of fresh timothy hay. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times. The typical rodent type drip bottles work great for water supply, glass type is preferable. It is important that Degus are kept to a bland diet and offered healthy treats such as the treats listed in our Degu Department, do not offer sugar treats or dried fruit treats.

Hay cubes are also a recommended treat and can be found in the hay department of this web site. You can also offer chew toys and Pumice Chew blocks.

Degus should have a yellow vegetable (sweet potato), a green vegetable (dandelion is loved by them but beware of pesticides), but any very green leaf vegetable, preferably not from the cabbage family is O.K. Don't cook the sweet potatoes , give them to them raw. Also make sure to remove the skins and roots.

Degu Behavior Degus are very social pet animals and need attention.

It is usually recommended to keep at least two Degus. It is possible to keep just one Degu, but a single Degu may get depressed. They definitely recognize sounds and they recognize voices. Degus are able to recognize their owners.

Because Degus are social pet animals, they rarely bite a person or another Degu. Only when Degus feel threatened, will they occasionally bite. Usually, if they feel threatened or uncomfortable, they will give a large 'WEEP!'. Degus fear nothing, so protect them from ferrets, cats and dogs, and vacuum cleaners. Degus are great nest builders.

Apparently in the wild they spend a lot of making piles of twigs to nest. Status within the Degu community is thought to depend on the size of their respective nest size. Once you hand-tame these cute, little varmints, they really love social interaction with you but easy on those treats. Degus reach sexual maturity at about 3-6 months of age. Gestation period is 90 days and litters can be from 1-9 babies with an average litter of 5. They are born fully furred with their eyes open.