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Adding Another Sugar Glider

We get asked this question often ... Can I keep more than one Sugar Glider together in one cage? We are also asked frequently if another Sugar Glider can be added to an existing lone Sugar Glider or a cage that houses multiple Sugar Gliders? Well, the answer to both questions is yes. Sugar Gliders are colony animals. In the wild they live in groups (colonies) or 'families' of up to 30 animals. It is normal for Sugar Gliders to thrive in groups, although when one animal is kept alone for long periods of time, it may require a slow introduction of any new additions to the cage.

Our recommendation for adding another Sugar Glider to a cage that has housed one existing single glider, is to do so slowly. If possible, house the two gliders in two separate cages next to each other at first. Let the gliders get to know each other before they can interact together. If possible let the sides of the cages touch each other. They will get used to each other's behaviors, smells etc. Once the gliders have been able to get accustom to each other you can allow them to visit each other’s cages. Make sure that the initial introduction is carefully supervised, if there is any aggression, separate the gliders, and try again in a few days. In our experience, most Sugar Gliders will adapt peacefully to the addition of another or multiple Sugar Gliders.

When adding a baby glider to a cage that houses an adult Sugar Glider, extra caution should be given during the introduction process. Established adult Sugar Gliders should have a slow (2 week) introduction to baby gliders entering their domain.
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