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Treadmill Wheel 11"

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Exotic Nutrition's Treadmill Wheel is the highest quality exercise wheel on the market for chewing animals like degus and rats. The all-metal design runs on ball bearings that make this wheel virtually silent- see for yourself below in our informational video. The saucer shape prevents spinal injuries caused from regular circular wheels. This wheel is entirely chew-proof and finished with a non-toxic powder coat. 

Size: 11" diameter. Sandy Trimmer Strips sold separately to help keep pets nails filed down while they run on the wheel. See our Tredmill Wheel assembly video for cleaning and repair instructions. Replacement parts available on our website. Notice: Product warranty is 30 days.


Maintenance: Treadmill wheels have a center bearing cartridge that are subject to wear-and-tear over time with continuous use, and will squeak if the wheel is used when the cartridge is loose. Check the cartridge on a regular basis to prevent it from becoming loose and wearing. When cleaning this wheel, you should check this cartridge to make sure it has not become loose and put a few drops of mineral or baby oil on the bearing after cleaning the wheel. Simply loosen the center metal screw, separate the top (saucer) part of the wheel from the base, and tighten the center bearing cartridge plastic ring (from underneath the saucer). Once the plastic ring is tightened, reassemble the wheel. If the ring has broken or is worn, you should replace the center bearing cartridge.The necessary small tools come with every Treadmill Wheel. Watch our video on Youtube called 'Treadmill Wheel Maintenance' made by 'Exotic Nutrition Pet Company'.


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by on July 13, 2017

Apart from the Silent Runner, I purchased this for my Syrian Ziva, too. She loved her large plastic flying saucer, but the bearings just kept breaking. So she got the metal one. I think it is quite a work out for her as it is heavier than the plastic ones. It is super quiet (unless she moves it and hits the glass with it). There is a downside though. Once she really gets going, it is hard for her to stop the wheel. Those were the only 2 incidents I witnessed, but that's why I only give it 4 stars.

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