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Silent Runner Cage Attachment

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  • Allows you to attach your Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner wheel directly to the cage
  • Includes two steel support plates, one two inch screw axel, one wingnut, one black hex cap, and one aluminum spacer
  • One size fits all Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner wheels
  • Quick and simple instructions on packaging and Exotic Nutrition website

This Cage Attachment includes hardware to attach your Silent Runner Wheel directly to your cage. One size fits all Silent Runner wheels. Includes: 2 - steel support plates (powder coated), 1 - 2 inch screw axel, 1 - wingnut, 1 - black hex cap, 1 - aluminum spacer. Does not fit other wheels designs (i.e. Wodent Wheel).


  • UPC765788495867

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by on December 1, 2017

I love having the wheel attached - no sound and more room for play

by on September 3, 2017

helpful for having more room

by on July 17, 2017

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