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Pasture Plus+ Young Rabbit Food 5 lb.

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  • 100% natural - no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Assorted flowers & herbs for added enrichment and variety
  • Premium alfalfa & timothy hays from Maryland farms
  • Veterinarian approved - pellet texture supports dental health through natural chewing activity
  • Made in the USA 

Pasture Plus+ foods are formulated using wholesome garden ingredients to deliver a complete and balanced diet. We locally harvest our hays from Maryland farms, then manufacture from the Exotic Nutrition facilities in Virginia. The added vitamins and minerals in our high-quality diets are designed to optimize your pet’s health, leaving you with guaranteed assurance.

Exotic Nutrition’s Young Rabbit Food is a complete and balanced diet formulated to support the growth and health of young, pregnant, or nursing rabbits. Our blend of high-fiber Alfalfa along with flavorful flowers and herbs provides optimum protein for growing pets. This formula is rich in fiber and natural antioxidants, which aid in digestion and immune support for the general health of your rabbit.

Pasture Plus+ Young Rabbit Food provides optimal nutrition for young, pregnant, or nursing rabbits; supplements are not necessary. Always offer clover hay and water along with this food, and gradually add fresh, moist greens to form a complete, balanced diet for your rabbit. If you have any questions regarding your pet’s nutritional needs, please consult your veterinarian or Exotic Nutrition.

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS: Feed Pasture Plus+ Young Rabbit Food free choice along with a quality Alfalfa hay and fresh water. At age two months, gradually begin offering fresh, moist greens while increasing this amount to offer 4 cups daily once adulthood is reached (age 12 months). Vitamin and mineral supplements are not required or recommended. Adjust the amount fed to ensure your pet’s optimum body weight.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Refrigeration is highly recommended to retain full nutritional value. Store bag in a cool, dry place (under 72 degrees). Keep food in a sealed, air-tight container. We recommend storing the bag of food in the refrigerator, taking out enough food for a week at a time, and then refilling with the refrigerated food. Do not frequently expose food to a freeze/thaw cycle. If storing bag for longer than 8 weeks, refrigerate (up to 6 months). If storing for longer than 6 months, freeze (up to 12 months).

TRANSITIONING DIETS: When introducing a new food, begin the transition by mixing both the “new” food and the “old” food together. Gradually decrease the amount of the old food offered while increasing the amount of new food offered. Continue this method over a 7-day period, or longer if necessary. Transitioning slowly can result in fewer digestive issues and maximize the chances that your pet will be receptive to the change.

INGREDIENTS: alfalfa meal, timothy meal, wheat middlings, soybean hulls, soybean meal, dried chamomile flowers, dried dandelion, dried lavender flowers, dried marigold flowers, dried cane molasses, soybean oil, salt, dried brewers grains(saccharomyces cerevisiae), dried brewers yeast fermentation solubles, yucca schidigera, copper sulfate, lignin sulfonate, lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation product dehydrated, bifidobacterium bifidium fermentation product dehydrated, enterococcus faecium fermentation product dehydrated, rice mill by-product, monocalcium phosphate, vitamin a supplement, vitamin d3, vitamin e supplement, zinc methionine complex, manganese amino acid complex, copper amino acid complex, and cobalt glucoheptonate.

GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: crude protein (min) 15.00%, crude fat (min) 2.50%, crude fiber (max) 27.00%, calcium (min) 0.55% (max) 1.15%, phosphorus (min) 0.29%, salt (min) 0.16% (max), 0.66%, omega-3 fatty acid 0.40 (min), omega-6 0.80% (min), vitamin a 5,000 iu/lb, vitamin E (min) 400 iu/lb, vitamin E (min) 80 iu/lb.

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