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Moonlite Lighting System

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Moonlite lighting system will simulate natural moonlight in your cage. The Moonlite mimics a moonlight shimmer that enables you to observe your animals at night without disturbing their natural behavior. It provides crepuscular and nocturnal animals with a dim moonlight which allows them to navigate in their territory in search of insects, mating-partners, etc. Combined ceramic based fixture and Moonlight bulb. Simply attach to cage (comes with attaching clamp) and view your pet in the moonlight. Moonlite Bulb simulates night time ''moonlight'' viewing of your animals. Perfect for viewing and nocturnal animals such as Sugar Gliders. Very little visible light provided so as not to disturb your animal's sleeping patterns. European quality for a long burn life. True deep blue glass (not painted or coated). Watts: 60.

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