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Mealworm Breeder Kit

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Ready to start breeding your own mealworms? Here is the perfect kit to begin the breeding process.  This Breeder Box is a durable, storage and breeding container ideal for housing up to 10,000 live mealworms. Just add your mealworms (500 medium live mealworms come with this kit)! Your kit will include Instructions on raising mealworms, but we also recommend checking out YouTube videos for extra help.


Lee's HerpHaven Small Breeder Box

Mealworm Keeper Bedding 1 lb.

Mealworm Chow Food 1 lb.

500 live mealworms (medium)



  • You can start with as few as 150 live mealworms, but we recommend starting off with at least 500 (included in this kit). The more mealworms you start with, the better. Visit our Live Mealworm Department to buy extra, to get your colony growing faster.
  • Add 2-3" of Mealworm Keeper to the container.
  • Sprinkle Mealworm Chow on top (add 1/3 cup of chow per 3 cups of keeper). Repeat weekly.
  • Moisture is necessary and may be best provided with Thirsty Cricket (gel water source). Add Thirsty Cricket to a low bowl (<½" tall), a jar lid works well. Too little moisture slows growth and reduces size of your mealworms. Using moist foods such as pieces of raw potatoes, raw carrots, ripe apples, or banana peels is also an option. Cut fruits/vegetables into 1" x 3” pieces and spread throughout the container for the mealworms. Remove and replace any food every few days or when moldy.
  • Read our Instructions on raising mealworms

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by on February 4, 2018

I ordered the breeder kit. It came with everything I need. Can't complain.

by on July 23, 2017

works for what i need

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