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Manzanita Branch / LARGE

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- Durable, animal-safe wood for long lasting wear
- Beautiful, natural texture
- Attaches to the side of cage with hardware (included)

Exotic Nutrition's Manzanita Climbing Branch provides a natural environment as well as an attractive appearance to any cage...perfect for all climbing animals! Because this is a natural product cut directly from manzanita trees, many aspects of the product will vary including length, shape, color, thickness, amount of stems coming out from main branch, etc. Length is approximately 16" long but can vary a few inches either way (longer or shorter). Branch thickness is approximately 3/4" wide but can also vary. View additional photos to see examples of variation.

Sugar Gliders, squirrels, birds and primates are active creatures that enjoy jumping, climbing, swinging, and of course gliding! Branches and ropes are important cage accessories that help encourage these natural behaviors found in the wild, helping keep your pet physically and mentally healthy.

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