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Leaf-Eater Diet 5 lb.

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Exotic Nutrition's Leaf-Eater Diet is formulated for the use in feeding leaf-eating animals such as Lemurs, Langurs, Gorillas, Orangutans, Howlers, Tree Kangaroos, Red Pandas, and other animals with high-fiber requirements. This diet can be fed with fruits, vegetables, and bamboo to give your primates variety and natural sources of moisture and fiber. Leaf-Eater Diet is specialized for breeding, growth, raising young, and other stressful periods of the life cycle. This diet is formulated with high-protein for Old World species, stabilized vitamin C, and supplies vitamin D as well. GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude protein not less than 15.0% Crude fat not less than 5.0% Crude fiber not more than 6.0% Ash not more than 5.0% Added minerals not more than 3.0%

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