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Kucci Carry Pouch / Red

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Exotic Nutrition's Kucci Carry Pouch is made with breathable polar fleece material and heavy-duty zipper closures for safety. The peek-a-boo window allows for you to see in and your pet to see out. This window is made with scratch-proof, vinyl-coated polyester for long lasting wear and tear. The Kucci Carry Pouch has fuzzy, soft faux fur material on the inside and is hand-sewn with inside seams. Designed for sugar gliders, squirrels, marmosets, and other small mammals. The bag clips to belt loops, purses, or zippers (hardware included). 100% machine washable. Measurements: approximately 7" x 6" x 5".

Sugar gliders are group animals that enjoy being with other gliders as well as humans. These animals imprint on their owners by adjusting to their voice, smell, and overall presence. A carry bonding pouch provides a convenient, comfortable and safe way for sugar gliders to bond with their owner all day while out of the cage.

Always supervise pets during use. Thoroughly inspect accessories on a daily basis for loose threads or other hazards. Wipe product clean with a soft, damp cloth or machine-wash as needed. Remove hardware clips during washing.
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Customer Reviews

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by on July 1, 2018

Nice pouch. Roomy and space for 2 or even 3 sugar gliders to fit comfortably but doesn't come with a lanyard...just the bag. -Mike D.

by on June 13, 2018

My gliders love it. It's a nice alternative to the typical bonding pouch (which we have tons of). I typically attach it to a lanyard, and wear it around my neck. That causes it to swing around a lot when I move, which my boys like :) -Jen

by on May 30, 2018

My gliders don't like the windows on both sides, also not as convenient to carry around as I would have expected, hooking it to a belt loops makes it bounce around a lot. It does sit nicely on a flat surface. -Casandra L.

by on March 10, 2018

Great pouch, the gliders love how much room they have in it. -Vicky

by on December 31, 2017

by on July 16, 2017

Very handy pouch. The gliders like it.

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