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Hedgehog Rolling Toy

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Hedgehogs love interactive toys. Rolling, pushing and tapping, your Hedgie will spend hours working this litle toy around his(her)cage.

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Colorful balls that are perfect for your pet to roll, push, and slide around the cage.
Protein pellet fortified with vitamins and blended with dried mealworms to meet your hedgehog's vitamin, mineral, amino acid, fiber, and digestive enzyme needs.

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by on November 13, 2017

Good price on sale. It is colorful and fun for those little critters that enjoy it. We have it in with a hamster now, so it is observed, and nibbled on a bit, but will likely last a while, seeing it's not much smaller than she is! It is fun to see the buns and pigs roll it around, as they can control it, without it simply running away from them like a true spherical ball does.

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