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Eucalyptus Branches

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Fresh cut Eucalyptus Branches, dried and packaged. Excellent forage treat for your Sugar gliders or other small mammals. Cut into 4 inch lengths and packaged approx. 65 grams per package. There are anywhere between 3 - 8 sticks per package depending on the thickness of the branch, sold by weight rather than count. The branches are semi-dried to help preserve. Ideal for Sugar gliders. Sugar gliders have a sweet tooth - their diet consists of flower nectar, acacia gum, eucalyptus sap and insects. One study of a Victorian population showed that individuals spent about 43% of their foraging time feeding on gum, 12% on eucalyptus sap and 28% on searching for invertebrates. Common to the forests of Asia and Australia, Eucalyptus is a staple of Sugar glider diets. We have harvested fresh eucalyptus branches from the eucalyptus forests of Northern California, and packaged for your pet. Place one or more of the Eucalyptus sticks in you pets food dish or stick them between the bars of the cage. Your pet will lick and chew the sap from the branches.

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by on July 20, 2017

My gliders enjoyed these, the amount in the package didn't last long.

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