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Brisbane Cage Cover

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Brisbane Cage Cover for Flat Top 13221A cages This cover is PERFECT fit for the HQ 13221 or AE 13221 Cages. Cover size is 32 inches x 22 inches x 36 inches. Machine Washable: Exotic Nutrition Bird cage covers provide a warm, dark, secure environment. Machine washable. Stain and wrinkle resistant Durable, non-toxic, poly/cotton fabric Form fitting but designed to provide room for exterior feeders and accessories Easy to put on - Exotic Nutrition cage covers are the most innovative and easy to use cage cover on the market. Why spend an hour trying to drape a dark sheet over your pet's cage, when with our cage covers, one person will spend only a minute on even the largest cages. Front flap lifts back easily over the cage Light-blocking, without restricting air flow A beautiful addition to any room

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by on October 6, 2017

The cover fits perfectly . . .love it

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