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Dried Mealworms

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You'll never buy live food again! Farm raised insects such as dried mealworms are dried and packaged, ready to ship to your door. Just pop the top or open the bag and you have a fresh and flavorful diet your chickens and wild birds will readily consume. These farm-raised foods are ideal for: Backyard Chickens and Bluebirds.

About Our Dried Mealworms:
• Typical Analysis: Protein 36%, Crude Fat 18%, Fiber 7%, Moisture 9%
• High in protein, fat, and potassium which wild birds need to maintain energy
• Attracts bluebirds, flickers, woodpeckers, nuthatches, robins, chickadees, ect...
• Great treat for chickens and ducks
• Easy to use - they won't crawl out of your feeder
• Can be fed to birds all year round
• Inexpensive compared to live worms
• Refrigeration is not required
• Shipped in heat-sealed plastic bags to maintain freshness

Fun Tip: Try adding a dash of cold press extra virgin olive so that the driedmealworms look "life-like" to the birds! The cold pressed olive oil is tasteless, has lots of anti-oxidants, plus amino acids, & never goes rancid. More importantly cold press extra virgin olive oil is expelled (unlike Canola oil) from the host organism allowing for easy and healthy digestion of the food supply.

NOTE: Please allow time for the birds to adjust - it might take a day or two.

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